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Bots Can Improve Your Law Firm’s Website in Ways You Would Never Expect

In your work as a lawyer, your time is better spent doing the best possible job with clients’ cases than writing content for your law firm’s website. Regularly updating the blog on your site is a must for staying at the top of the organic SEO results and for attracting prospective clients on your site, but there are only so many hours in a day and better you should respond promptly to your clients’ emails and research relevant case law than crank out new blog posts every week. Outsourcing your legal blog content can be a daunting prospect, though; is it worth the cost of hiring flesh and blood human beings to write your law firm’s blog?

Who’s Afraid of Intelligent Machines?

The odds are great that, in the past 24 hours, you have read something that was written by a computer. Half of the sentences in that email you received from a colleague today may have been auto-completed by Gmail. When your niece sent you a text message, she may have just been clicking on the words that your phone suggested. And then there’s the chatbot on your law firm’s website that directs visitors to your content page. For pennies a day, you can subscribe to software that enables bots to churn out thousands of words with a single click. That’s not the whole story, though. You need only read the bot-composed doppelganger of Kafka’s Metamorphosis to know why so many lawyers hesitate to turn content bots loose on their blogs.

Behold the Marketing Gibberish Generator

If all you care about is word count and keywords, then by all means, let the Marketing Gibberish Generator compose the blog posts for your law firm’s website. With just a

click, the Marketing Gibberish Generator will spit out a miasma of buzzwords related to the subject matter and platform you enter into its search fields. If you type something like “men’s divorce lawyer Boulder, Colorado blog” it might say something like “Alimony equitable distribution biased against men modify child support order 420 friendly Boulder, Colorado men’s divorce attorney” and keep this up for as many words as you tell it to.

How Not to Write Like a Web Content Bot

The Marketing Gibberish Generator is useless at producing publishable blog content, but when humans and machines work together, beautiful things can happen. For example, if getting words onto paper is the hardest part for you, you can edit the gibberish, keeping only the buzzwords you want until you have a readable blog post. You can also use its gibberish as an example of what not to do. You can say, “I will write about equitable distribution, but I will speak of devoted dads instead of about a system biased against men.” Sometimes the best way to find what you want to say is to hear what you don’t want to say. The Marketing Gibberish Generator can function as a voice in your head saying, “Eeew! Do I sound like that?”

Behold the Intelligent Humans of Law Blog Writers

Meanwhile, there is an affordable way for humans other than you to write blog posts for your law firm. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers and get blog posts that your readers can relate to.


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