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Is a Teacher the Right Person to Write Your Law Firm’s Blog?

In the midst of the Great Resignation, a lot of people are starting to feel that their jobs are pointless. You know that your work is providing some value to someone if you can easily explain to someone else what you do during your work day. When it is as simple as “I drive a bus,” “I fry eggs,” or “I repair woodwind instruments,” you know that you are not a mere bureaucrat in a sea of cubicles. Teachers never feel that they don’t have enough to do, but no matter the age of their students, teachers often feel, rightfully so, that they do not get paid enough. As a result, many teachers have second jobs during the hours when school is not in session. Freelance writing is a popular source of additional income for teachers, since they can work on it from almost anywhere. If you are thinking of outsourcing your legal blog content to professional writers, teachers might be a good choice.

Teaching and Content Writing Require Similar Skill Sets

According to Eric Walker, who has worked both as a teacher and as a professional content writer, these are some ways that teachers can apply some of the skills they have developed in the classroom for successful web content:

· Content writing requires you to develop short-term and long-term plans and work toward them simultaneously; so does teaching.

· Both teaching and content writing require you to know your audience and to respond to them in real time. Too much web content is no more informative than those unsuccessful teachers who simply read from canned lectures provided by the textbook publishers.

· Successful teachers and successful writers can learn new information quickly and adapt it to the appropriate audience.

· The best teachers, like the best writers, are always refining their technique. Even if your class went perfectly this year, you will still do it a little bit differently next year.

Lawyers Make Good Writers, Too

Of course, most of the skills of successful teachers and successful content writers are also applicable to the legal profession. Lawyers must also explain complex material to a variety of audiences and respond quickly and appropriately to challenging questions. Many lawyers considered going into the teaching profession, and some have even taught classes; in many cases, the decision to choose the courtroom over the classroom was a financial one. If you have any free time in your schedule to write blog content, then you should do it, because you know your law firm’s client base better than anyone else does. Of course, the legal profession is famous for taking up every moment of your time, so outsourcing your blog content could be the most time-efficient choice.

And Then There Are the Writers Whose Only Job Is to Write Law Firm Content

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers can use their talents for adapting to audience response and their ability to make short-term and long-term plans simultaneously to implement and adapt your law firm’s content marketing strategy.


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