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white label services

WHAT clients SAY

— E.V., Legal Marketing Agency CEO

"It’s pretty simple. You all were the best combo of quality and price. Head and shoulders above the rest for keeping content fresh on our client blogs.  I tried others, and your writing is the head of the class."

You need writers to get your client's website up and content marketing programs running. 

Content creation and management is typically one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of the job. Each client has different preferences, writers can be unreliable, and timing is always an issue.


Let us be your one-stop content solution.

We are an enormous stable of attorney-writers and editors who can handle single orders or thousand page orders. With LBW, LLC you are working with real people that you can instantly contact (no annoying robotic systems).  

We can work directly with clients (if necessary) or be completely behind-the-scenes as your white label service provider.

(P.S. If our system works for your legal clients, we also have writing services for all of your non-legal clients. We can truly be your complete writing solution.) 

How It Works

Step 2:


We send confirmation, answer questions, or schedule a call.

Step 3:


We get more information on your preferences, needs, & requests. Then we write.

Step 4:


You receive the material in preferred format or we add it directly to your websites.


Cost Depends on Order Size

A "standard" post/page is 500 words. The rates below are for individual pieces at that length. We are happy to write longer posts, and the cost is pro-rated (i.e. 1000 word pieces at 2x). You can change your order at any time. 

The quantity is for your entire roder, and so with a few clients added together you can quickly reach the lowest rate bracket.

1 to 8 posts per month:

$54 - 47 per post

12 to 16 posts per month:

$45 per post

20+ posts per month:

$42 per post

For extremely large projects, 200+ posts/month we may even be able to offer $1-2 off this already industry-best rate, saving thousands of dollars year over year. 

Content Pages:

$54 - $39 per page

We can write a single page or tackle a project that requires hundreds of pages. Let us know what you need and we will give you the exact page rate.

Client has specific budget?

Reach Out to Us

Are trying to get certain material for a client on a rigid budget that doesn't quite fit the above prices? Please let us know the details, and we can see if we can make it work.

Why We're The Best


Actual Attorneys at Best Rates

Cliche but true. We are the nation's largest team of exclusive legal content writers. You get the best of both worlds at LBW, LLC. Actual attorneys at the most affordable rates in the business.  

If you want great content and you want to ensure you're not over-paying for it, you're in the right spot.


Our Capacity

We the nation's largest team of online legal writers, allowing us to take on projects of any size: 1 page to 1000 pages. We have the ability to work quick, change writers to find the best fit, and grow with you.


Maximum Flexibility

We adapt to your needs. Send us detailed instructions OR let us run with it on our own. Receive email submissions OR let us post directly. You provide topics OR we find them OR both. We work the way you want us to work.

We can fit into your existing system to integrate seamlessly. Do you use Google Drive, Basecamp, Asana, Zoho, Monday, Wrike, or anything else? We will work within it to make it as simple as possible for you.



We've been doing this for a decade (which is a century in the online marketing world). We understand the need to adapt to changes, and we ride the Google waves to ensure you always receive the richest SEO content.



You can find writers anywhere, but we are laser-focused on the legal market. Writing for law firms requires not only legal knowledge but an understanding of the real questions potential clients are asking. We know that and base all of our work around it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your writers?

All of our writers have writing chops, legal training, and SEO experience. Most of our writers are former or practicing attorneys (Meet Them!). Writers for your projects will be assigned based on their practice experience, writing style, and your requested turnaround time.

Is there a contract or long-term commitment?

You are never locked into anything. You can stop posts temporarily or permanently at no penalty. We typically do not work off a contract, but we do have simple one page agreement that we can use if you prefer to have it.

How does payment work?

You are never charged until you start receiving material. All of our invoices are electronic, and typically billed every month (or 4 weeks). You can then pay online or via mailed check.

What are the timelines?

​Timing  on all our work is flexible. Most projects are ongoing, so we produce a certain number of pieces per week or month. We discuss one-time project deadlines when you order. With dozens and dozens of writers on our team we are capable of putting massive writing power on your project right away if a quick turnaround is essential. 

Do I own the material?

Yes! When you hire us to draft material, you retain all the ownership and copyrights to the writing. You can use, re-use, and byline it however you see fit. Once you pay us, it's 100% yours forever.

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