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Yes, Your Boring Self Can Write Interesting Blog Content for Your Law Firm

Being quiet, knowledgeable and tactful makes you a good lawyer, but it does not help yo

u compete for attention with everyone else out there willing to make fools of themselves or pick fights with anyone and everyone for the sake of 15 minutes of fame. This was true when you were on the high school debate team by day and burning CDs to trade with your friends by night, and it is true now that you are a lawyer and everyone else is making a tremendous fuss about everything and nothing. You must promote your law firm in an increasingly competitive and noisy environment. When you seek content marketing advice, it tends to be about how to shout the loudest, bombarding your audience with provocative videos that blast through their earbuds on their commute to work or greet them with impatient notifications on the lock screens of their phones when they wake up in the morning. Adorning your website with videos of marmosets on unicycles will not make people more likely to contact your law firm, but you can still write engaging legal blog content that will make your law firm stand out from the crowd.

Being a Lawyer Is a Creative Profession

You use creativity every day in your work as a lawyer. You might not be painting or composing music, but you are thinking on your feet to offer individualized solutions for your clients, based on your knowledge of the law. You should share that knowledge with prospective clients in the form of blog posts. Framing your blog posts as advice instead of information will make them seem more personal, and when readers see what on-the-mark advice you can give without knowing their specific situations, they will want to contact you when they need your guidance about things that you can only decide after talking to each client about his or her case.

Focus on the Law Firm Client Version of the Sales Funnel, Not on SEO

Blog posts that give general information about an aspect of your practice area (such as a specific law or a specific legal process with which you can help clients) are excellent for SEO. They contain many keywords relevant to your practice area, and they let Google know that your site is a source of credible information about your practice area. In many industries, content writers focus on tailoring content to various parts of the sales funnel, that is, how sure that the reader is about making a purchase in the near future. While you are not in the sales business, you can tailor some of your advice blog posts to clients who just want to know about the laws (“How Does Equitable Distribution Work?”), some to people who have a legal problem that you can solve (“How to Have and Amicable Divorce”), and some to people who have probably already involved lawyers and courts in their situations (“How to Modify a Child Support Order”).

Or You Can Let Truly Interesting People Write Your Blog Posts

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers can use their boundless creativity and insight into the human condition to create blog posts that will resonate with your target audience.


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