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How to Get Google’s Bots to Choose Your Blog Posts for Its Featured Snippets

Search engine optimization (SEO) efforts often revolve around getting to first place. Content writers dedicate their strategy and their elbow grease to getting their sites to rank in first place, to be the first website listed in the organic search results. In the case of law firms, the competition is especially intense to rank in first place for search queries that take the form of common legal questions such as “How much money can you get in a personal injury lawsuit?” or “How does the court calculate child support in California?” Before you invest any more of your marketing budget in getting to first place, though, keep in mind that there is an even more visible location for your content, namely the featured snippet. Julia McCoy of Content Marketing Institute refers to the featured snippet as “position zero.” Keep reading to find out more about how you can get Google to choose your legal blog content for its featured snippets.

Four Steps to Getting Your Content Chosen for Featured Snippets

McCoy has identified four things content writers can do to catch the attention of the search engine bots that choose text for featured snippets:

· Don’t Step on the Big Guys’ Toes – For some keywords, huge businesses already have a monopoly on the featured snippets. For example, for most tax-related questions, your small law firm cannot displace H&R Block or the IRS website from the snippet position. Choose keywords with a low keyword difficulty, which means that there is not some huge entity with a firm grasp on the top spot on search rankings. Set your sights on queries where your biggest competition is the other law firms in your area. You have a better chance ranking for “best child support lawyer in Arizona” than “do you have to pay taxes on child support.”

· Phrase Users’ Questions in the Form of a Statement – People Also Ask is a great resource for blog topics and subheadings. To rank for snippets, take a People Also Ask question about your practice area and phrase it as a statement (such as “The best child support lawyer in Arizona is Branwell Bloggins, Esq.”). Google’s bots can tell that these statements are directly relevant to the query.

· Make Sure the Entire Post Matches the Prospective Snippet – A concisely written, query-focused statement adrift in a sea of ungrammatical claptrap will arouse the suspicion of even the crudest plagiarism checkers, so imagine how negatively the snippet bots will react to it. Keep your writing quality and tone consistent throughout the post.

· First Place Is Still a Winner – Most of the time, Google chooses its snippet from the same page that ranks the highest on the organic search results. In other words, if you achieve first place, you will probably also receive position zero.

Snippets Are Just One Part of a Comprehensive SEO Strategy

For readable blog content that easily convinces Google of its snippet value, you can count on the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers.



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