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How to Get an Inexhaustible Supply of Law Firm Blog Post Ideas

Frequently updating your law firm’s blog is the gold standard of law firm website search engine optimization (SEO). You should add a new post to the blog on your law firm’s site at least once per month. Twice a month is even better, and every week is ideal. There is no such thing as adding too much content to your blog; at the very least, you will end up with a robust archive of blog posts that contains something for everyone. There is only one problem. Where do you get ideas for all those blog posts? Poking around on your competitors’ websites probably will not help. The best solution is to overhaul the way you think about blog posts, or else hire professional legal blog content writers.

Stay Focused on the Goal

In this regard, you, as the author of a law firm blog are in a strong position, because you already have a goal, namely to write monthly (or semimonthly or weekly) blog posts that will show prospective clients that you are knowledgeable about your practice area. According to Darius Foroux, you have already taken the crucial first step of knowing what you want to communicate and whom you want to reach with this message. You are less likely to get stuck staring at a blank Word document than, for example, someone who wants to write a novel but does not have a clear idea of who will read it. When you write blog posts for your law firm’s website, always imagine your clients reading them. Think of the questions your real-life clients have asked you and the things you say to them that they find interesting or reassuring; there are plenty of other readers out there who are in a similar position to your current and former clients.

Never Stop Learning

The easiest way to keep the blog post ideas flowing is to keep learning new information that your target audience will find useful or enjoyable to read about. This means reading about new developments in case law and legislation related to your practice area, as well as social phenomena and current events that affect your practice area. Every time you read the news headlines, think of what your clients would ask you about it. How will the eviction moratorium affect the value of the rental property belonging to a couple getting a divorce? What reasonable accommodations must employers provide for employees with long COVID? Is it distracted driving if someone is just getting used to the autonomous driving features in their new car? The “always learning” mindset will make you a successful law blogger as much as it makes you a successful lawyer.

Some Lifelong Learners Are Too Busy to Blog

Perhaps you have plenty of blog post ideas but no free time to write them. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to turn your blog post ideas into high-performing law firm blog content.


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