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Content Generation Bots Are Students, Not Rivals

Lawyers are famous for their vast knowledge of the humanities and popular culture, so here is an obscure reference for you lawyers from Generation X or younger. Remember the Alan Parsons Project’s second album I Robot, released in 1977 and based on the short stories by Isaac Asimov? If you do, the fourth song on the album, “Breakdown,” is the most memorable, the one that ends with a chorus of robots singing their demands for freedom in four-part harmony. Vocoders were a thing by 1977, so Alan Parsons could have arranged the chorus for robot voices if he had chosen to (in fact, on his previous album, a robot voice intoned the word “nevermore” in the song based on Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”), but instead a human choir sang the robots’ lines. If you were a choir nerd before you became a lawyer, you probably imagined yourself and your classmates in the school choir singing your respective vocal parts. The moral of the story is that, if you enlist the help of artificial intelligence to compose your legal blog content, you should empathize with the content generation bots the way that you, like Alan Parsons before you, empathized with the bots in the I Robot choir.

When Bots Are the Proteges of Lawyers

If you have made it this far in your legal career, you are a good writer. You became a good writer by reading a lot. If you still have them, reread your term papers from college, and then read a court document you wrote this year, and marvel at how much more polished and professional your writing style has become. Now think about everything you have read between college and now and about all the teachers, colleagues, and mentors who gave you advice about your writing.

According to Inbar Yagur of Content Marketing Institute, you should treat content generation bots like students; teach them to write the way that professors teach students to write. Assign them to read texts that employ a writing style and vocabulary you would like to see in the content the bots create for you. Give feedback by flagging unidiomatic phrases and other unnatural sounding features of the bot’s draft. The great news is that bots can read much faster than human students, and their memory is flawless. Likewise, if you have ever written an article for publication, several editors probably suggested changes before clicking publish. You should do the same with your artificial intelligence-generated content. The bottom line is that, in 2021, bots can write well in many genres. They just need the help of human mentors like you.

Human Bloggers Already Have a Professional Level of Skill

You may easily be too busy being a lawyer to take on a second job as a writing professor for content bots. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to create blog content that you would want to show to content bots as assigned reading and an example of excellent style.

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