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4 Content Marketing Bad Habits to Ditch in 2021

So, you are putting effort into your law firm’s content marketing strategy, but it is only helping so much. The solution is not to give up, especially not on your blog. Google likes to see that your blog has been around for a long time, that you have consistently been updating it, and that it keeps improving. Some bad habits and outdated strategies might be hindering the performance of your content marketing efforts, though. These are some common content marketing bad habits that could be stopping your legal blog content from giving you the best possible return on investment.

Looking for a Quick Fix

Clickbait and content marketing overlap to a large enough degree that a great deal of business blog content, even on law firm blogs, focuses on hacks and quick fixes. Of course, as a lawyer, you know that focusing on the fastest solution without looking at the big picture will backfire. If you steered your clients in this direction, it would get you lots of negative online reviews and maybe even a malpractice lawsuit. Don’t be fooled by marketing charlatans who tell you that a few simple tricks will take the place of a detailed and thoughtfully considered content marketing strategy.

Spending Lots of Resources on Content With a Short Shelf Life

Outdated content on a blog still has SEO value, as long as you keep updating the blog; think of it as the blog having a large and diverse archive. Despite this, you should not spend too much money and effort on content that is so specific to a certain time of year or current event that it is only relevant for a short time. In other words, don’t blow your budget on a content marketing campaign centered on Talk Like a Pirate Day or whatever reboot of an old movie is getting a theatrical release this month. Seasonal content has its place, but evergreen content gives you a better return on your investment.

Resistance to Change

Too many law firms make the mistake of only making minor changes to their content marketing strategy and expecting a big improvement in their return on investment. Blogs are great, but even the best blog cannot reach all of your prospective clients. You will also need to branch out into other channels, such as podcasts, YouTube video content, or Twitter, even if getting started on a new content marketing platform costs time and money.

Talking More Than You Listen

The best marketing content is rooted in your responses to things that clients have actually said to you and questions that they have actually asked. Clients can give you a better idea of what the most frequently asked questions about your practice area are than marketing consultants who charge premium rates can.

One Good Habit: Contacting Law Blog Writers

Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to write law firm blog content that performs efficiently and eschews bad habits.


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