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What the Beatles Can Teach Us About Law Firm Blogs

In a more innocent era in Internet history, when you were feeling uninspired and there was nothing good on TV, it was easy to amuse oneself with Beatles-themed web content, mostly in the form of blogs. Online music magazine articles where paid journalists ranked the Beatles albums from worst to best were a dime a dozen, as were the typo-ridden personal blogs where amateur bloggers weighed in on which Beatles albums were superior to which other ones. A true gem of the pre-YouTube Internet, though, was the blog What Goes On, which lovingly cataloged every mistake, Easter egg and “anomaly” (to use the site’s own terminology) to be found on any of the Fab Four’s studio albums. Even six decades after they performed covers of American R&B songs to drunken audiences in Hamburg, the Beatles continue to inspire with their creativity, as Joseph Kalinowski’s recent reflection on the new Beatles documentary Get Back shows. Kalinowski observed how the documentary shows the creative processes of John, Paul, George, and Ringo when they were arguably at their creative peak as musicians, and he related this to his own creative process as a writer of web content. If you do not have any creative energy left over to write legal blog content for your law firm website, you can always enlist professional content writers to produce it.

An Irrelevant Idea Can Become Relevant at Any Time

According to Kalinowski, Get Back shows the Fab Four trying out lyrical and musical ideas in the studio in the 1960s that their bandmates originally rejected. These words and tunes eventually ended up on later Beatles albums, or even on the band members’ solo albums after the Beatles disbanded. In the context of your law firm’s website, any idea that pops into your mind during a conversation with a colleague, client, or party guest could become the topic for a blog post or longer piece of website content in the near future, or even years down the road.

There Is No One Size Fits All Template for Collaboration

Get Back, like so much entertaining content about the Beatles, showcases the band members’ interpersonal conflicts, especially about songwriting. When watching the documentary, Kalinowski observed that the Lennon-McCartney songwriting partnership was only the ideal choice some of the time. One memorable scene in Get Back shows how the song “Don’t Let Me Down” took shape during an impromptu visit from Billy Preston, a versatile keyboard player who just happened to be visiting Apple Studios that day. As for law firm blog posts, even if you think you have found a winning formula, don’t be afraid to change it up sometimes through collaborations with colleagues.

Get Back to Practicing Law and Leave the Blogging to the Pros

An efficient way to bring your blog posts to fruition is to send your notes and ideas to the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers. You can get custom written blog posts and web page content for your law firm website for an affordable price.


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