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Three Ways Content Marketing Can Help Your Law Firm

In the old days, law firms used to advertise through noisy commercials on local television networks or by plastering larger-than-life pictures of themselves on posters on the sides of public buses, but it is easy to see why those strategies are outdated. No one has the patience to sit through television commercials anymore; old folks mute their TVs and respond to text messages on their cell phones during commercial breaks, and young folks get their video content from a variety of platforms, none of which are old-fashioned television and almost all of which enable you to watch what you want when you want. Therefore, content marketing, which means promoting your business through Internet content, is the wave of the future, even for law firms; according to Margarita Loktionova of Content Marketing Institute, 97 percent of businesses engage in content marketing, although most of these would like to improve the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts. These are three ways that regularly adding legal blog content to your site can help your law firm increase revenues.

Increasing Brand Awareness

When people visit law firm websites, it is because they are looking for a law firm in their city that deals with the legal problem they need to solve, such as getting a better insurance settlement for a personal injury claim, modifying a parenting plan after a divorce, or dissolving a business partnership. A Google search can show prospective clients that your law firm exists, but the content on your site shows them how it is different from the other law firms they could choose; in other words, the content on your website communicates your brand identity. Therefore, your blog posts should not be full of generic content written at dirt cheap content mills. If your blog posts follow a formula (for example, one paragraph about a particular law, one about a case from your state involving that law, and one about how your law firm can help), it makes your blog posts recognizable as well as readable.

Driving Internet Traffic to Your Website

The human audience is only part of the equation. Prospective clients will only see your website if Google’s search engine bots know that your website is relevant to users’ questions. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is an important aspect of any content marketing strategy. Regularly updating the content to your site, such as by posting one or more new blog posts per month, is a great way to get Google to notice your site and rank it at the top of the search engine results pages.

Encouraging Prospective Clients to Contact You Through Your Site

Once visitors reach your site your goal is to get them to fill out a contact form so you can contact them by email (or any other contact information they provide). This is sometimes called lead generation. Many law firm clients initiate their first contact with a law firm through the law firm’s website.

Can a Blog Help You Do All of This?

Yes, it can, and there is no rule that you have to write the blog all by yourself. Instead, the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will produce custom-written, authoritative blog posts and web page content for your law firm’s website.



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