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Old Blog Posts on Your Law Firm’s Website: Classics or Clutter?

Even if you don’t buy into the hype about decluttering being the key to happiness, and even if, during the pandemic, you were so much in your element working at your cluttered dining room table that you were disappointed to go back to your presentable law office after getting vaccinated, dealing with clutter is a part of your job. When you study documents to present as evidence, you have to find small pieces of relevant information in the midst of reams of clutter. If you are an estate planning lawyer, you might even advise your clients to declutter their houses now, because if they leave the decluttering to their descendants, it might delay the estate sale of the house or lead to feuds over personal property.

When it comes to the blog on your law firm’s website, those old, gently worn blog posts cluttering the archive might be a good thing. Don’t think of legal blog content that you posted several years ago as clutter; think of it as classic web content that never goes out of style.

Do Your Old Posts Provide Value to Your Prospective Clients?

If the newest posts on your blog are from more than a year ago, this will not make a good impression on visitors to your site. You should add content to your blog at least once per month, but there is no need to delete your old posts after you add new ones; sometimes a gigantic blog archive is just what someone needs when they are up all night, worrying about their legal and financial problems. Besides, information about court decisions does not go out of date; a post you wrote in 2017 about a then-recent court decision may relate to a reader’s legal problem more directly than any of your more recent posts.

Some simple analytics can show you how much value your posts, old and new, provide to readers. Do people still click on your old posts? How much time do they spend on each post? In other words, do they read the posts all the way to the end? If people spend more time reading your old posts than your new ones, maybe you should start emulating the old you.

Google’s SEO Bots Appreciate Your Classic Blog Posts

Another reason not to delete your old blog posts is SEO. Google’s bots will take notice if you updated your blog this week, but they will be truly impressed if you have updated it every week for several years. Besides, the more posts on your blog, the more instances of each keyword your site contains, and the greater variety of keywords. In other words, your site has more surface area with which to catch search queries.

Get Instant Classic Blog Content

Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to write law firm blog content that your current and prospective clients will want to read and share again and again, thereby showing Google’s bots that you mean business.


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