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New Year’s Resolution: Lazy, Cheapskate Content Marketing

We are not even a week into 2022, and everyone’s energy is already stretched thin, even thinner than it was this time last year, if that is even possible. The last thing most small law firms have is time and money to invest in content marketing. Meanwhile, content marketing is as important as ever as a means for small law firms to connect with current and prospective clients and to establish their professional reputations. This year, you should adopt a “less is more” approach to content marketing, but you should continue to update your law firm website with relevant legal blog content at least a few times per month.

An Ounce of Strategy Is Worth a Pound of Content

Frequently adding new content to your website and your social media accounts is great for SEO and for increasing awareness about your law firm, but creating new content costs time, and if you do not create the content yourself, it costs money to pay someone else to create it. Don’t waste your efforts trying to keep up with the Joneses and have the fanciest website in town and the most diversified content marketing strategy. Instead, focus on small but measurable goals. Jodi Harris of Content Marketing Institute poses a series of “who? why? how?” questions to help you do this. These are some examples of manageably sized content marketing goals and strategies for achieving them:

· If your goal is to rank about a certain competitor on organic search engine results pages, then you should focus your efforts on SEO. Add new pages to your website and update your blog as often as possible.

· If your goal is to raise awareness that you have recently branched into a new practice area or want to attract a certain type of cases, then focus your page content and blog posts on this area. For example, if you have figured out that DUI and traffic offenses are your criminal defense law firm’s bread and butter, then most of the new content you add to your site should be related to those practice areas, from content pages to FAQ pages to blog posts. You could even invest in a few search engine ads and landing pages related to DUI and traffic crimes.

· If you have set your sights on social media marketing for 2022, choose just one social media platform and choose it carefully.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You can do a lot of content marketing without creating any new content at all. For example, you can republish some old blog posts that made a splash several years ago, if they are still relevant. On social media or your blog, you can link to existing, valuable content. You can even publish a long report you have previously written by repackaging it as a series of blog posts.

Legal Marketing Content Never Goes Out of Style

You don’t need a big, ambitious content marketing strategy this year, but you do need to publish content. You can always trust the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to provide content that gets good results.


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