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Looking for Blog Post Ideas in the Most Mundane Places

If you have a truly groundbreaking idea, your law firm’s blog is probably not the best place to share it; there is too much risk that someone else will find it and take credit for it. The purposes of a blog on a law firm website are much more pedestrian. Your blog should help people in your state find accurate, understandable answers to questions about the area of law that you practice. Since you are a lawyer, you are used to all the details of your practice area, so it can be hard to guess which aspects of the law prospective clients are wondering about. You don’t want to lose your audience in a maze of legal jargon, but you also don’t want to state the obvious. The good news is that there are hundreds of ideas for legal blog content at your fingertips, even if you don’t pay a penny for analytics tools.

Misconceptions You Encounter Online and in Real Life

Think about the false assumptions people make about lawyers and the law. Most people who aren’t lawyers don’t truly understand the difference between the civil and criminal courts. They also might not realize how many cases get resolved without going to trial and how no one has to win or lose for your client to achieve their aims. If you haven’t socialized since before the pandemic and so haven’t had an awkward, “so you’re a lawyer, you must [wildly inaccurate description of your work]” conversation in a long time, look at how movies and TV misrepresent the law.

Frequently Asked Questions, Courtesy of Your Own Contact Forms or Prospective Client Consultations

If two people have asked you the same question on an online contact form, there are probably many more who would appreciate being able to find the answer on your blog. You might think the answers are obvious, but most people don’t, and they might not even think to ask, even though knowing the information might get them one step closer to solving their legal problems.

Frequently Asked Questions, Courtesy of Google

Even if you don’t have insights into the world’s unanswered questions, Google does. Try typing a string of words related to your practice area, such as “child support how to” and see what Google auto-completes. It might suggest “calculate,” “reduce,” and “enforce,” and if it does, you just found topics for three blog posts.

Disabusing Clients of Unrealistic Expectations

One of the ways to get clients to contact you is to show them that it isn’t as easy as they think to establish a business (or write a will, modify their child support order, expunge a criminal record, or whatever they are trying to do) without a lawyer’s help. Blog posts warning clients before they try to do a free online version of a complex legal process do the public a great service.

Blog Post Ideas Are Just the Beginning

Just because you can think of ideas for blog posts doesn’t mean you have time to write the blog content. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to write blog posts that address all the topics your prospective clients want to know about.


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