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Long Form Content Is Essential to Your Law Firm’s SEO Strategy

Everywhere you look online, there is clickbait, so someone out there must think that it is helping their SEO rankings, and maybe it is generating clicks, but it is not building trustworthiness or generating backlinks. SEO is not penny wars; it is about more than just the sheer number of clicks. Including long form legal blog content in your content marketing strategy will boost the credibility, and therefore the SEO rankings, of your website.

Long Form Content Enables You to EAT

In content marketing terms, EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. In other words, it means showing your audience how much you know about your practice area. Even the best 500-word blog post only contains 500 words of your knowledge. A report that is 2,000 words or longer contains enough information which means that other websites will want to use it as a source, making it fertile ground for backlinks.

Long Form Content Is on Google’s Wavelength

The movie Finch shows just how capable of human-like behavior and understanding robots have become. Jeff the robot is a great friend to Tom Hanks’ character and his dog, and viewers cannot help but contemplate that, in a similar situation, SIRI would probably be a pretty good friend, too. Meanwhile, humans and SEO bots respond to online content in different ways. Marketing professionals often push businesses to invest in infographics and interactive content because they are easier for humans to understand. These types of content are much harder for search engines to understand, though. It only takes Google’s bots a few seconds to read a report that a human would take more than an hour to read, and to gain a thorough understanding of all the ways that the report relates to a user’s search term. For image-rich interactive content and infographics, however, Google is relying on the relevance of tags and doesn’t really understand the big picture. The result is that your law firm’s website should appeal both to humans and to bots, and you should include long form content as well as the more eye-catching stuff.

Long Form Content Helps You Build Keyword Richness

It is 2021, and everyone knows by now that there is a lot more to SEO than keywords. In fact, keyword density is such a flawed metric that Google’s most recent algorithms hardly give it any weight. Saying “Greenville car accident lawyer” once in a 500-word blog post is better than saying it ten times; in fact, it is probably miles better. Keyword richness still matters, however.

Keyword richness means that a page contains numerous keywords for which you want to rank. For example, if you include ten keywords in a 500-word blog post, it will likely still sound somewhat forced. Meanwhile, it is perfectly normal for a 2,000-word content page to include the terms “car accident lawyer,” “car accident attorney,” “personal injury lawyer,” “car accident lawsuit,” and “motor vehicle accident lawyer.”

Law Blog Writers Goes to Great Lengths to Produce Awesome Content

The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers provide custom-written blog posts and page content of any length you choose, to boost your website’s authority.


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