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How Well Do the Usual Suspects of Marketing Practices Work for Law Firms

Whether your small business provides legal representation or any other kind of product or service, you do not have to reinvent the wheel to run a successful marketing campaign. Making people notice that your law firm (or any other kind of business) exists and making them want to contact you when they need or want the service that your business provides does not require you to drop tens of thousands of dollars on elaborate stunts to make you seem more prestigious than your competitors. Earlier this month, an article appeared on the USA Today website extolling the virtues of “tried and true” marketing tactics. The trouble is that what is good for the neighborhood burger joint or auto body shop is not always good for the small law firm. When it comes to law firm marketing, you need a law firm website with a steady stream of legal blog content, as well as some of the usual suspects of small business marketing.

Keeping It Simple: What Works

Some of the tried-and-true small business marketing tactics that Rhonda Abrams recommends work well for law firms. These are some of her suggestions that small law firms would be wise to apply:

· Posting signs – A sign outside your physical office location, identifying what you do. Even in a pandemic, people have their usual driving routes. People will remember, when they need you, that there is a place called “Bloggins and Associates Personal Injury Law” on Main Street near the nail salon and the H&R Block.

· Business cards – Business networking in person is always effective, even when it is separated by long stretches of working from home. A good fraction of the people to whom you hand business cards at professional networking events will contact you.

· Search engine ads – You are wise to put effort into trying to rank at the top of the organic search results on Google, but it doesn’t hurt to have your website show up among the paid search results, too.

“Universally Foolproof” Advertising Techniques That Don’t Work for Law Firms

Abrams makes it sound like the recommended tried and true marketing practices will work equally well for all kinds of small businesses, but some of them simply are not applicable to small law firms. Coupons and discount promotions don’t work for law firms; a “Divorce Monday special” is just tacky. Likewise, it is impossible for law firms to give out free samples, free initial consultations notwithstanding. Finally, branded swag is not becoming of law firms, either. Can you imagine how silly it would be if people who had contacted your law firm walked around wearing “Bloggins and Associates” hoodie sweatshirts or played with “Bloggins and Associates” frisbees in the park?

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel With Your Marketing Strategy, but Do Trust the Pros

Getting professionally written content for your law firm website is always a good idea that will generate a good return on investment. The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will create custom-written blog content that never goes out of style.


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