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How to Ensure Success When Hiring Freelancers to Write Law Firm Marketing Content

When writing marketing content for their own law firm websites, many lawyers are far enough outside their comfort zone that they would prefer to hire someone else to do it. Likewise, the law school curriculum teaches you how to be a lawyer, but it does not teach you how to be a manager. When you hire content writers, you must do both. Hiring individual writers on a freelance basis is an option if you know that writing your own legal blog content is not for you, but an even better choice is to work with a content marketing firm that specializes in custom-written content for law firm websites.

Set a Reasonable Budget for the Project

One of the fastest ways to tank your outsourced law firm website content is to ask freelance writers to work for peanuts. If you set the budget so that, when you divide the amount you are paying by the time the writer spent on it, it barely adds up to minimum wage, you are giving writers an incentive to do a sloppy job and rush through as many projects as possible in order to make ends meet. Keep in mind that freelancers (hired with 1099 forms) get to keep less of the money they get from writing than employees (hired with a W2) do, because they are responsible for paying all of their own taxes on the income.

Beware of Jack-of-All-Trades Freelance Writers

Whenever possible, choose freelance writers who have experience with the legal profession. Just as clients should steer clear of “door lawyers,” who will represent every client who walks through the door, whether or not the lawyer has any experience with the type of case with which the client needs help, you should steer clear of “door freelance writers.” You have read web content that was obviously written by someone who knows nothing about the subject of the content; if you post this kind of content on your site, prospective clients will notice, and they will navigate away and visit the website of another law firm. Instead, you should hire writers who have previously worked for law firms, either as content writers or in another capacity, such as paralegals.

Give Detailed Instructions

Even the best writer will only do as good a job on a project as the instructions they receive for the project. The more clearly you communicate your expectations for the project, the more easily the writer can meet those expectations. Be as clear with content writers about what you need from them as you are with clients when you ask them to provide information relevant to their cases. Let content writers know that you are wiling to answer their questions at any point during the writing process.

Law Blog Writers Is Your Best Choice

Even better, hire a content marketing firm dedicated entirely to producing content for law firm websites. You can count on the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to deliver quality blog posts and web page content every time.



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