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Holiday Annoyances Are a Goldmine for Law Firm Blog Post Ideas

Being a lawyer during the pandemic is tough, and the holiday season during the pandemic is tough, so if you think your list of grievances about last year’s holiday gathering was long, wait until you see this one. People you have been related to for years have a way of asking the most ignorant questions about your work and expecting you to fix problems that have nothing to do with your practice area. This year, you have enough stress, so instead of letting the annoying questions and comments raise your blood pressure, turn each one into a blog post idea. If you do this, you will have enough legal blog content to update the blog on your law firm’s website every week in 2022; just remember, there is no rule saying you have to write all the posts by yourself.

When Life Gives You Perishable Eggs, Make Eggnog

According to Jill Kocher Brown of Jump Fly, the best business blog post topics are actual questions that people ask about the products and services you offer. Sure, you can spend money on Analytics software to search for the questions that people type into search engines, but there is something special about questions that come from real people, including in-laws with whom you have a love-hate relationship.

If your law firm deals with cases in a variety of practice areas, you might hear all of these questions during Christmas dinner, and all of them could make good blog post topics:

· Can the family court make decisions about your children’s religious upbringing?

· Why do people plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit?

· Why does hiring a lawyer cost so much, and when is it better to represent yourself in court?

· Can the family court force stay-at-home mothers to reenter the workforce after a divorce?

· Will I be responsible for my spouse’s student debt if we get a divorce?

· Is Divorce Monday a thing?

· Why do you choose to defend criminals?

· What happens if your judge is biased?

When people look up these questions on Google, they are often met with rich snippets lovingly selected by Google’s search engine bots who, though they may be smart enough to write a mean Kafka’s Metamorphosis fanfic, are no match for you when you have had a few glasses of adult eggnog and are desperately trying to maintain the flow of conversation so that your brother-in-law doesn’t get started again on how UFOs created COVID. Answer your relatives’ questions with all your avuncular eloquence and, if you dare, record yourself on your phone while doing it. You will end up with blog posts that are ten times more readable than anything a bot could write. Bots may have a way with words, but they have no concept of how it feels to be stuck at a family gathering with nothing to help you avert a major crisis except your erudition and a few nutmeg-scented libations.

Or Leave It to the Folks Who Enjoy Writing

If, when the holidays are over, you still don’t feel inspired to write, just remember the questions and send them over to the pros. You can count on the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to create blog posts that attract and hold the attention of snippet bots and human readers alike

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