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Turning Today’s News Into Evergreen Content

Outside the world of content marketing, most people only use the word “evergreen” in December and late November, in other words, only during the time of year when people shop for Christmas trees. Evergreen content is the very opposite of seasonal content; the identifying characteristic of evergreen content is that it is relevant year after year and at any time of year. In other words, it never goes out of date. Updating your law firm’s blog regularly is great for SEO and lead generation, and when you have to think of one or more new blog topics every month, it’s easy to go with seasonal ones, but the posts that people will keep visiting are the evergreen ones. Even if you are caught up in the seasonal hype or in the current events being blasted in your direction at intense volume by the 24-hour news cycle, you can’t go wrong with evergreen legal blog content.

Think Past the Current Hype to Choose Evergreen Blog Topics

The news is truly relentless these days, such as last year’s current events seem like ancient history. It might seem like the latest scandal or sign of impending catastrophe is all that matters. Likewise, many businesses make their bread and butter based on seasonal promotions. Just remember that this, too, shall pass. Bars only sell green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, because even a few days later, no one would buy it. Likewise, Turning Red is not the only children’s movie that has ever drawn the attention of film critics. (Does anyone remember Luca? Or The Mitchells vs. the Machines? Or Frozen?)

Evergreen marketing content doesn’t have to be generic, even though it might not shout as loud for our attention as the seasonal ad campaigns. There is more to evergreen law firm blog content than “How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer” and “5 Things to Do After a Car Accident.” In fact, you can write of-the-moment posts and make them evergreen just by not including the parts that refer to the current moment. Family law attorneys everywhere found their minds flooded with clickbait blog post topics when they saw Kanye West’s video about the murder of a Claymation Pete Davidson, but it is more prudent to keep brainstorming until your reaction to the video leads to an evergreen topic like “How to Co-Parent If Your Ex Is Harassing Your New Partner.” Likewise, if the news about the war in Ukraine fills your mind with apocalyptic scenarios, keep brainstorming until you get to something like “How to Wrap Up Business Operations in a Foreign Country.”

Consider that one of the most clicked-on articles on March 19, 2020 was a generic article about cake decorating. We all know why everyone was at home baking cakes on March 19, 2020, but the words “coronavirus,” “pandemic,” and “lockdown” were nowhere to be found in this post, even though they were all over the Internet. Two years, later, that article is still getting clicks, while all the other early-pandemic cooking posts have gone the way of MySpace.

Law Blog Writers Can Make Any Current Topic Evergreen

For readable blog content that outlasts the current holiday season or the latest trending news topics, you can count on the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers.



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