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Podcasts: The Marketing Content That Keeps on Giving

Thanks to podcasts, you no longer have to be gorgeous to be a star. Podcasts make the drudgery of washing dishes, walking on the treadmill, or commuting to work less onerous. If you can’t break free from your parents’ mindset that television rots your brain and a single YouTube video will turn it to mush, you can still convince yourself, and perhaps even your parents, that podcasts provide genuine intellectual stimulation. Despite this, podcasts are not for everyone. Even though podcasts tend to attract an audience that is too square for TikTok, it is still a great idea to include podcasts in your content marketing strategy. Even if you think that audio formats that don’t consist mainly of music are boring, consider that you can milk a single podcast for multiple pieces of content in a variety of formats. Just one podcast can yield several pieces of legal blog content, plus an abundance of bite-sized content.

Turning a Podcast Into Blog Content

Making a podcast is a lot of work, but it is not an insurmountable task. Today’s phones and computers are so advanced that, at this very moment, you probably have all the tech equipment you need to make a podcast right here in your pocket or backpack. Even if you drop some money to make a showstopping podcast, it is a worthwhile investment. While there are only certain people who will listen all the way through a 45-minute podcast about personal injury lawsuits in Illinois, you can certainly spend the subsequent weeks mining your podcast for blog posts. These are some blog content ideas you can get from just one podcast:

· Edited transcripts of the podcast – If you need longform content, start with a verbatim transcript of the podcast. It will need some editing to sound blog-worthy; no one wants to read every snicker and every aside. Still, it is easier to get a 3,000-word blog post by letting your text-to-speech software transcribe your podcast and then editing it than it is to write 3,000 words off the top of your head. You can just as easily get shorter blog posts by publishing the transcript in installments; this is also easier than writing three 1,000-word posts or six 500-word posts.

· Blog posts based on the topics of your podcast – Take the same outline you used to plan your podcast and use it as a basis for blog posts. For example, if your blog post has subheadings called “duty of care,” “discovery,” “preponderance of the evidence,” and “economic and noneconomic damages,” you can write a blog post about each of those. It will probably go quickly, since you have recently been thinking of things to say about those topics.

· Listicles – Listen to your podcast and organize parts of it in list format. These can become listicles, such as “4 Things You Must Prove to Win a Personal Injury Lawsuit” and “6 Pieces of Evidence to Gather at the Scene of a Car Accident.”

Who Needs a Podcast When You Can Have Your Own Team of Professional Content Writers?

Whether or not you have a podcast to mine for content, the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers never run out of ideas for blog posts for your law firm’s website.


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