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Law Firm Marketing: A Glossary of Useful Terms

Your first year of law school involves learning a whole new language of legal terms. Marketing jargon can seem just as unfamiliar, especially if you are in the early stages of developing a legal content marketing strategy; here are some terms you will encounter frequently.

Call to Action

The call to action (CTA) is the paragraph at the end of a blog post that encourages readers to contact your law firm. It should include your phone number or email address, but even more importantly, it should include a hyperlink that leads visitors to a contact form. Including your business name, practice area, and geographic area is great for SEO purposes.

Landing Page

A landing page is the page of your website where visitors arrive when they click on your law firm’s Google search result; this means that the page content is highly relevant to the user’s search query. Many law firms have a landing page for each practice area and for each subset of each practice area. For example, a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles might have landing pages for “Los Angeles car accident lawsuits,” “Los Angeles slip and fall lawsuits,” and “Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawsuits,” among others.

Marketing Lead

Lead generation is an important part of law firm marketing, but exactly what is a lead? A lead is a prospective client who is interested enough in your law firm that they have initiated contact with you by filling out a contact form on your website. Not everyone who visits your site will become a marketing lead, and that is fine. Some of them live on the complete opposite side of your state and they just visited your site to find out what your state’s laws say about the issue on their minds (such as child support, expungement of criminal records, or workers’ compensation disputes, to name just a few examples). Measuring how many leads arrive at your contact form through which blog post or landing page is a good way of determining which content on your site is performing best, so you can create more content like it.

User Persona

Student actors sometimes learn that they should deliver their lines to Gertrude, an (imaginary) elderly woman sitting in the back row of the theater. In order for Gertrude to understand their performance, they must project their voices; they must also convey emotion through their voices, because Gertrude is so far away that she cannot see their facial expressions. A user persona is similar; it is a fictional audience member, except instead of watching a stage play, it is reading your blog.

The more you learn about your user persona, the better your blog will be. If you are an estate planning lawyer, think about what Gertrude’s most valuable assets are, and therefore what her estate planning questions are. Make the blog appealing to her even for reasons not directly related to estate planning law; maybe Gertrude likes cats and going for walks on the beach as much as she fears outliving her retirement savings. Your blog should reflect this.

Law Blog Writers Demystifies Marketing Jargon

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