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How Useful Are Automated Paraphrasing Tools for Your Law Firm’s Blog?

Every law firm that wishes to stay competitive with its search engine optimization (SEO) rankings needs a blog on its website, and it needs to add new content to the blog at least once per month. Lawyers, paralegals, and other law firm employees are already too busy to take on any additional tasks, such as researching and writing blog posts, especially at small law firms where everyone is already managing a superhuman workload. Relying on artificial intelligence to compose or rewrite blog posts is a popular strategy for adding a blog to your site at minimal cost and minimal expenditure of time. While artificial intelligence is better at writing than it used to be, it is a much better investment of your resources to hire real humans to write legal blog content for your site.

How Paraphrasing Tools Work

Paraphrasing tools are computer programs that take input of existing web context and turn it into output by changing the wording but not changing the meaning. At least, that is what they do in theory. They originated years ago, when Google started penalizing websites that posted plagiarized content, so websites started rewriting existing content instead of simply re-posting what they found on other sites.

Of course, changing something just enough that it is not technically plagiarized does not make for a pleasurable reading experience. You have probably heard of the horrors of “spun content.” If you have ever navigated to a web page that contained it (probably after scrolling through several pages of search results preceding the spun page), you probably clicked away quickly because it was so unreadable that it made your brain hurt. At their worst, plagiarism tools simply swap out synonyms out of context, so that “catch up” becomes “capture up.”

You can guess that this kind of D-minus effort to make your web content not count as plagiarized will not endear you to Google. Looking for synonyms is a profitable enterprise when it comes to keyword research, but you can do that with analytics software. Besides, after a while, it will become intuitive that your blog post should include the phrase “auto accident attorney” in addition to “car accident lawyer.”

Paraphrasing Tools Are No Substitute for a Human Writer

If you don’t have time to write your own blog posts, and having artificial intelligence produce rewrites by making superficial changes is not the solution, then what should you do? Even if you do not have a huge budget to devote to your website or to your marketing efforts, it is worthwhile to hire content writers to deliver professionally written blog posts.

Legal Content Writers Can Do More Than Just Paraphrase

Professional writers with a background in law can strike just the right tone with your audience. You can count on the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to compose idiomatic, readable blog posts for your law firm’s website, posts that address the questions and concerns of your target audience.


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