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Four Enemies You Meet While Content Marketing

Imagine that content marketing for your law firm is a game of Super Mario Bros. You just want to make an informative, user-friendly website that will persuade people who can benefit from your services to choose your law firm, so that you can go back to your basement apartment and eat pizza with your brother, but all kinds of virtually indestructible monsters keep crossing your path and attempting to thwart you on your quest. Face them if you dare, but if you would rather focus on being a lawyer and leave the content marketing to the professionals, you can hire professional legal blog content writers.

Cheapskate Clients

Many content writers find that clients try to talk their way into paying less after content writers have already delivered the content they promised. Fortunately, if you write your own blog content, then you cannot argue with yourself about money.

Fickle Link-Building Friends

A survey by Search Engine Land found that the content marketers who participated in the survey ranked link-building as their least favorite part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Building backlinks requires convincing someone else to link to your site; no matter how big your budget is or how awesome your content is, your link-building partner has the final decision about clicking to enable the link. Building link-building relationships is as demoralizing as online dating, from the mind games to the people who ghost you after you go out of your way to impress them.

SEO Charlatans

Sometimes it seems like everyone claims to be an SEO expert and that the only difference between them and established content marketing firms is the price. People who offer to do your SEO free of charge often have outdated knowledge, and they can end up making your site even worse. Even worse than those are the ones who are insistently offering to overhaul your website after the graduated from an SEO training course that operates on a multilevel marketing business model and then try to get you to sign up for the course, promising that you will make more money as an SEO genius than you ever did as a lawyer.

Google Is the Worst Thing About Content Marketing

Of course, all of the other content marketing enemies are mere underlings compared to the big boss, namely Google. Not only is Google constantly changing its ranking criteria, but if you directly ask SEO questions to its representatives, you get evasive answers. Likewise, it frequently places obviously spammy paid ads above relevant content. Its inability to tell the difference between a review written by an angry customer and one written by a bot that has been programmed to remix the language of an angry customer is a perfect example of how artificial intelligence lacks human decision-making ability. Despite this, Google has the final say about how easy or difficult it is for users to find your site.

Law Blog Writers Contends With Google So You Don’t Have To

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers can help you avoid all the pitfalls of SEO and other aspects of content marketing.


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