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Can Natural Language Processing Bots Help You Overcome Writer’s Block?

You may not have ever heard Bernie Taupin’s name, but if you are a Baby Boomer, a member of Generation X, or a Millennial, you have heard his lyrics. If, before law school destroyed your creativity, you wrote a blog entitled “Count the Headlights on the Highway,” “Thank God My Music’s Still Alive,” or “A Couple of Vodka and Tonics to Get You on Your Feet Again,” you have him to thank. If you have not, then the reason those phrases are familiar to you is because of the tunes you immediately hear in your mind when you read them. Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to most of Elton John’s songs, and their songwriting partnership is one of the most celebrated in music history. For many of the songs, Elton John only had to read the lyrics once before he could imagine melodies and arrangements to go with them. If Elton John has ever single handedly written a song, music and lyrics, you and I have never heard it. Maybe what you need to fill your law firm’s website with content is for someone to write a series of not especially interesting phrases that you can then artfully spin into engaging legal blog content, and you don’t even need to enlist the help of a lifelong friend to do it; natural language processing bots are up to the task.

Bots Write for Google, and You Write for Humans

Natural language processing (NLP) software can generate content by remixing content it has already read. Just as parrots apparently know what to say based on cues, without comprehending situations. (Writing an epilogue to Kafka’s Metamorphosis is not one of those situations, at least not yet.) You can, however, input a keyword into SEO software such as Ubersuggest, and the NPL bots can produce the following elements of a blog post:

· Title

· Subheadings

· Meta description

· First sentence to go under each subheading

By this time, you will be about a quarter of the way to a 500-word post. Some software applications will let you choose from a list of generated titles and subheadings. This way, even if you do not get a burst of inspiration to write eloquent prose, the task of finishing a blog post can feel more like you are filling out a form. In other words, it can feel like one of the less intellectually demanding tasks in your workday. You might not end up with a Pulitzer Prize-winning blog post, but you will end up with blog content that is exponentially more valuable to readers than if you had simply commanded NPL bots to create a blog post from beginning to end. If the purpose of your blog is to show Google that your site frequently adds content, then good enough blog posts could be just what you need to direct readers to your site, where your credentials speak for themselves.

Don’t Feel Like Being Writing Buddies With a Chatbot?

The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will compose law firm blog content by, for, and about humans, blog content that Google will love, too.


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