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Which Metrics Are Most Important for Measuring Law Firm Content Marketing Success?

The fact that there is so much content on the Internet is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, if you scroll through enough websites or enough videos, you can find detailed accounts of almost anything. Even if only a few of the passion project sites of the halcyon days of the World Wide Web are still available, you can still spend an afternoon clicking through Wikipedia’s list of dog breeds or logical fallacies. On the other hand, there is so much noise on the Internet that it is hard to find straight answers, despite that Google’s algorithms keep adapting in an attempt to place the most relevant contest at the top of the list of search results. Content marketing is such a vast subject that it is easy to drive yourself crazy charting your site’s performance on a vast array of metrics. Which metrics really matter when it comes to attracting new clients to your law firm? How can you tell whether your legal blog content or other content marketing efforts are really helping your site?

Law Firm Marketing Is Not a Popularity Contest

Your goal is not to make your law firm’s website or any of its content go viral; 15 minutes of fame will not help the long-term financial solvency of your law firm. Therefore, metrics such as number of shares and number of likes are not relevant to your law firm. No matter how eye-catching your content is, your audience of prospective clients is limited to people who live in your city and need legal services related to your practice area. You cannot depend on the audience to promote your content on a large scale; at most, people might email a link to the website of your estate planning law firm to their parents or a link to your personal injury law firm to a friend struggling with accident-related medical bills. Instead, focus on SEO, so that the people who need your law firm can easily find it.

What Are People Saying About Your Law Firm Online?

User-generated content counts for law firms, but no one is going to make a Tik Tok singing your praises, and even if they did, it wouldn’t bring in many new clients, if any at all. People do, however, leave reviews of your law firm on review sites like Yelp, and you should consider these comments seriously. Responding thoughtfully to criticism (decide when to ignore, when to email the writer privately to try to make amends, and when to leave a public response) can make a good impression on prospective clients. Even more importantly, incorporate the compliments that former clients give you into your website. If clients praise you for being efficient and approachable, say that on your website; if they praise your knowledge and tenacity, mention this in your content, too.

Ignore the Hype and Focus on Quality Content

AS long as people search on Google for law firms, quality content will never go out of style. The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will compose interesting, readable content that addresses your target audience’s questions.


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