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SEO Maintenance Questions to Ask on Boring Summer Days

It’s too hot to go out, and there are only so many consecutive hours that you can stand to devote to workin

g on your current cases. Spending every waking moment being productive is deeply ingrained in your psyche by the time you graduate from law school, so when you need to reset your brain between one billable hour and the next, it is not in your nature to follow the horrible things that B-list celebrities are saying about each other on social media. By spending your free moments researching the search engine optimization (SEO) performance of your website, you can put your time to good use while also saving the money you would otherwise be paying professional content marketers to do it. This way, whether you write your own legal blog content or outsource it, you will have a clearer idea of how your blog posts and other content marketing strategies can enhance the performance of your site.

How Well Is Your Page Performing?

Spending a few minutes checking the performance of your law firm’s website and its individual pages is always a wise investment of your free time. The simplest way is just to do Google searches for keywords for which you have been trying to rank and see where your pages rank on Google search results pages. Rewriting the pages that are not doing well can become your top priority, but you do not have to rewrite them during a five-minute break from work, of course. Just make note of which pages need improvement, so you can revisit them.

If you have analytics software, then keyword research is also a useful and entertaining way to recharge during breaks from work. You can write down ideas about blog posts you want to add or new keywords for which you want to rank.

Have Updates Messed With Your Site’s SEO?

According to Corey Morris of Search Engine Journal, SEO is never done. Code updates, database updates, and updates to plugins and extensions can cause on-page issues; it is possible that you did everything right, but then an update messed it up. These updates can cause your content or tags to appear as duplicates or make content disappear. Make note of the issues that you need to fix when you have time.

Is Your Law Firm’s NAP Correct?

Another simple performance indicator to check is whether your law firm’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) is accurate everywhere that it appears online. If out-of-date contact information appears, you should contact the website that has your NAP wrong and inform it of the correct information.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

Researching the strengths and weaknesses of your site does not take a long time, but producing high-performing content and developing an effective strategy requires considerably more work. The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will help you build a content marketing strategy and compose custom-written content that will perform well.


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