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What Lawyers Can Learn About Marketing from the Entertainment Industry

You don’t have to look too far before you find cringe-inducingly bad content on law firm websites. A lot of it is so dry that no one would be able to read it all the way to the end except a law professor, and even then, the only thing that would hold the law professor’s attention is the desire to find mistakes.

At the other end of the extreme is law firm blog content and marketing videos that are so gimmicky and that pander so much to the audience’s financial desperation that you would think you were visiting the website of a multilevel marketing firm instead of a law firm. In other words, the content tries too hard to be entertaining and emotionally appealing, or else it doesn’t try at all.

Law firms have a lot to learn from entertainment industry professionals when it comes to marketing content, but creating legal blog content that has its finger on the pulse of your target work takes a considerable investment of time and attention.

Developing a Shared Vocabulary with Your Audience

Remember that professor in college or law school who made lots of pop culture references, but they were so out of date that no one in your class understood them? Pop culture references can be an effective way to impart complex information by relating it to something with which the audience is familiar. If you have to explain the pop culture reference, the audience will come away knowing more about an old movie but not knowing the legal concept you were trying to illustrate by referring to the old movie.

If your law firm has created a user persona, you are already on the right track. The user persona is a fictional character, a hypothetical client of your law firm, and the more detail you give to developing the user persona, the better. Knowing your user target audience’s favorite foods is helpful, but much more helpful for law firm marketing purposes is knowing which Netflix shows your user persona binge watched and which YouTube personalities she follows. It might be impractical for you, a lawyer, to watch every episode of your user persona’s favorite show, but it is worthwhile to hire law marketing professionals who will do this.

It is impossible to fake familiarity with your target audience’s pop culture frame of reference, but even if you read the Wikipedia synopses about every episode of Breaking Bad instead of watching every episode will still teach you a lot about how your audience thinks. Start by asking clients about their favorite TV shows, celebrities, and social media platforms. Knowing your audience’s pop culture tastes will teach you a lot and enable you to write content to which they can relate, even if you only make very sparing references to that content in your law firm’s blog posts.

Contact Legal Content Writers

What’s that? You’re a serious lawyer who has not consumed entertainment media in decades? Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to write blog content that brings your law firm’s blog into a shared universe with your audience’s favorite pop culture media.


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