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Using Content Outlines to Create Effective Blog Content Quickly

Time is money, and money is a scarce resource these days. Some law firms have scaled down their content marketing budgets to the point that employees of the law firm, or even the lawyers themselves, are writing blog posts for the law firm’s website. Those who are hiring content marketing firms cannot afford to fail to provide clear instructions to the writers and risk getting content that is not what they want. In these tough economic times, law firms cannot afford not to update their blogs regularly, since an active blog is a reliable way to boost and maintain your law firm website’s search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Whether you are writing the blog posts yourself, an employee of your law firm is writing them, or you are outsourcing them, the legal blog content will turn out better if you organize your thoughts in a content outline before the writer drafts them.

The Elements of a Content Outline

Whether the piece of content you want is a 500-word blog post or a 2,500-word white paper, you need an outline to help the writer stay focused, even if that writer is you. The outline should say what the content is about and what impression you want the content to make on the reader and on Google’s search result ranking bots. At minimum, your content outline should include the following:

  • The title of the post

  • The target keyword

  • The target user intent (usually informational for law firm blog posts, but sometimes promotional for guest posts or transactional for landing pages)

  • Subheadings to be included in the post

  • What to include in the call-to-action paragraph (for example, your phone number or email address or an offer for a free consultation)

  • Target word count

A seasoned content writer can look at your content outline and immediately think of things to write that will be interesting to the target audience. For example, if the writer sees that the post is about content outlines, one writer might think to start with the proverb “time is money.” Another might start with an anecdote about the Pomodoro method of time management, and a third would start with an anecdote about writing outlines in high school or law school. This is the beauty of writing a content outline and then handing it to a writer. You do not have to think of an engaging introduction or a catchy call to action slogan. Likewise, the writer does not have to try to guess whether you want a blog post about content outlines, user intent, or the ideal length for law firm blog posts. All of this makes it easier for the writer to deliver acceptable content on time. Therefore, law firm plus content outline plus writer is a winning formula, even when everyone is pressed for time and strapped for cash.

Law Blog Writers Creates Outlines, Content, and More

Whether or not you have already drafted content outlines for the content you want, the professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers can deliver engaging, readable content for your law firm website with a fast turnaround.


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