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Tips for Effective Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email is not a new technology; it predates the World Wide Web, but it is an enduring one. If your parents are university employees, they probably used email in the 1990s, and if they are old-generation computer nerds, they probably used email in the 1980s with dial-up Internet connections that occupied the phone lines. It is still an effective form of content marketing for law firms, though; many people in our overworked generation begin their day by checking their email on their mobile phones before they even get out of bed, and communications from your law firm can be one of the first things they see.

How Much Email Is Too Much?

Law is an especially email-intensive profession, but people in many industries get so much email that they find it annoying to read any but the most urgent or personal email messages. Some companies send advertisements and promotional offers daily, and while that might make sense for businesses from which people make frequent purchases, such as supermarkets and fast food restaurants, it is overkill for law firms. According to attorney Andrew Cabasso, you should send frequent communications and not worry that they are too much; as long as you don’t send more than one email per week, you are fine. You should send subscribers to your email list at least one dispatch per month. Remember that people signed up for your email list because they want to receive email from your law firm; as long as your emails are informative and contain useful links, you are not wasting recipients’ time.

Plan Your Email Campaign by the Quarter

Lawyers and many other professionals complain that email is a drain on their time, but the really time-consuming part is drafting appropriate responses to emails as you receive them. It really would take a bite out of your work week if you had to sit down every Friday afternoon and write an email to send out to your subscribers on Monday. Email marketing campaigns are more like consecutive issues of a newspaper or magazine; you should plan a series of emails, not one email at a time. Cabasso recommends planning email campaigns by the quarter.

First, you should identify the holidays that occur during that quarter, including “Internet famous” minor holidays that relate to your practice area. If you are a family law attorney, your January through March campaign could include newsletters about Divorce Monday, Valentine’s Day, co-parenting during the Martin Luther King Day and Presidents’ Day long weekends, and filing taxes as a newly single person. This strategy enables you to write your email newsletters in batches or to hire a content marketing firm to write them.

Choose Law Blog Writers for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Law Blog Writers is not just for blogs anymore; we also write email marketing content, as well as page content for law firm websites. Contact Law Blog Writers to get interesting, fact-checked content to brighten up your subscribers’ email inboxes.


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