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The Best Legal Content Isn’t All About You

In the nineteenth century, Oscar Wilde said that a bore is someone who deprives you of your solitude without providing you with companionship. In the ninth century, Abu Uthman al-Jahiz said that a book is the best companion because it is so easy to shut it when it starts to try your patience. We have probably all had moments when we wished we could hit the mute button on a person in our company, but when it comes to television commercials and YouTube ads, pressing “mute” or “skip” is most people’s default reaction.

There is something inherently annoying and offensive about promotional content; most of the party guests you wished you could mute were probably bragging about their accomplishments. It follows that marketing content is most effective when it isn’t shamelessly self-promotional. In the case of legal blog content, the best approach might be to avoid trumpeting about your personal brand and to engage with your target audience on their own terms.

Amplify the Voices You Want Your Audience to Hear

A recent article on the Content Marketing Institute identified this year’s most effective Super Bowl ads, and each of the chosen winners put the focus on the audience and the larger community instead of saying “me me me.” Cathy McPhillips chose her favorite as Hidden Hollow, a blog published by Ben Cooper, a musician who performs under the stage name Radical Face. Cooper uses Hidden Hollow simply to share and discuss the work of other artists. The blog effectively engages the audience by being collaborative instead of competitive.

On your law firm’s blog, you can follow this approach by sharing articles by your colleagues in the legal profession. The fact that you are willing to collaborate with your “rivals” and promote them will only increase your credibility with your audience.

Let a Member of Your Audience Be the Star

Super Bowl audiences voted Toyota’s ad as their favorite; the commercial did not show a single automobile. Instead, it focused on Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long. You can create the same effect on your blog by writing posts that focus e

ither on actual clients of yours (if they are willing to let you write a post about them) or else about news stories about people who have dealt with a problem that your post addresses.

For example, if you are a business law attorney, you can write about small business owners in your community. If you are a personal injury lawyer, you can write about people living with permanent injuries resulting from accidents. You have many other choices in a law firm blog besides just writing about why you are the best lawyer or summarizing the laws relevant to your practice area.

The Best Marketing Content Doesn’t Sound Like an Advertisement

Your blog is a great way to show prospective clients your credibility and approachability, and there are many ways to do this. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to deliver professionally written blog content that makes a good impression about your law firm without being shamelessly promotional.


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