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Pomodoro Method: Create Effective Legal Blog Posts in a Short Time

Lawyers rarely have enough free time to do anything more than read a listicle while they stand on the subway platform for the train to work. Even if you have been vigilant about not telling Google your birthdate, it can estimate it by counting backwards from when you graduated from law school, so if you are younger than 40, it probably keeps suggesting listicles about the leisure activities millennials like you used to pursue when you were young enough to be able to afford to spend any of your time doing something besides work.

At least one of these listicles probably mentioned National Novel Writing Month, which is where aspiring writers write 2,000 words of fiction every day in November, no matter how far-fetched or disorganized, so that, by the end of a month, they have a draft of a mostly complete novel. No one is suggesting that you write 2,000 words per day outside of your regular duties, nor that you construct a long-form fictional narrative, but you can borrow one page from the NaNoWriMo ethos and another from the Pomodoro method, and before you know it, you will have usable content for your law firm’s blog.

What Is the Pomodoro Method?

The Pomodoro method is where, for 25 minutes, you turn off all distractions and work only on your designated task, no checking email, no clicking on clickbait to rest your brain. After the 25 minutes, you take a break, maybe for 25 minutes, maybe until tomorrow, and you watch all the TV and click all the clickbait you want. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian, and the method’s inventor, Francesco Cirillo, named it after his 25-minute kitchen timer, which was shaped like a tomato.

The Pomodoro Method and Your Legal Blog

It takes more than 25 minutes to brainstorm, research, draft, and proofread a blog post. Instead, spend one Pomodoro session writing down ideas for blog post topics. Spend another one outlining, writing and fact-checking your notes for one blog post, and starting the process for another one, if you have time. Once you have outlines for several posts, spend a different Pomodoro session drafting each one. If the blog posts are 500 words long, then 25 minutes are all you will need to draft a post you have already researched and outlined. Spend the last session rereading your posts and correcting typos and awkward phrasing. If you devote one Pomodoro session per day to blog posts, by the end of a week, you will have enough blog content for a month.

Another Option: Hire Legal Content Writers

If a ticking tomato, or a simulacrum of one, doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, you can always have professional content writers compose your blog content. You can count on Law Blog Writers to compose readable, informative blog posts that will hold readers’ attention as effectively as the knowledge that a Pomodoro timer is ticking will.


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