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Never Underestimate the Power of the NAP for Local SEO Rankings

Lawyers have always been famous for burning the candle at both ends, but since the COVID-19 pandemic started you have been working harder than ever. You have been putting in extra effort to bring in new clients, but maybe the thing standing between you and the uptick in initial consultations you are hoping for is a NAP.

In fact, all the keyword searches and efforts to adapt your site to voice searches are no substitute for a good NAP. The NAP, which stands for name, address, and phone number, is one of the most boring parts of SEO, but it is also among the most important. Straightening out your NAP might be the key to improving your SEO rankings, but it works even better if you also regularly update your website with high quality legal content writing.

How Your NAP Affects Your Law Firm’s SEO Rankings

When you search online for a business, the most important things that you want to find out are its name, address, and phone number. In other words, you want to identify it and know that it exists and that it is possible to make contact with it. After you explore its website and decide that it is worth pursuing, you want to know how to contact it. This is important for every type of business, but is especially important for law firms.

Including your contact information, specifically your NAP, on your law firm’s website sounds like a no-brainer, but it is just the first of many steps in leveraging your NAP for SEO purposes.

If your law firm has ever changed names, locations, or phone numbers, then records of the old contact information might still be available online and some of your prospective clients who intended to contact you might not be able to find you because they found the outdated contact information. Furthermore, if there are several versions of your NAP available online, it will make you seem less credible to Google’s ranking algorithms, pushing your SEO rankings lower. One way to remedy this is to fill out a Google My Business profile with as many contact details about your law firm as possible.

What’s Next After Your NAP?

Having a unique business name is important, but the name is far from the only thing about your business that is unique, and it is not how you win clients over once they get to your site. One of the best investments you can make is to update your law firm’s blog frequently. The frequent updates make a good impression on Google and the blog content is what gives you credibility in the eyes of human readers.

Law Blog Writers Will Create Blog Content That Makes Readers Want to Contact You

A consistent NAP and a regularly updated blog full of engaging legal blog content make for a winning law firm marketing strategy. Contact Law Blog Writers to get custom written content for your law firm’s blog.


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