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Legal Marketing Summer Reading List

Feeling pressured to be productive while knowing that there is nothing left of the outside world except gray skies, closed businesses, and a deadly virus is a recipe for failure. If you have managed to do any work at all while your children are out of school until fall at the earliest and your future income is uncertain, you are already doing better than a lot of people.

Many people who are lucky enough to be able to telework, including legal marketing professionals, had ambitious resolutions for life during the shutdown, but it’s hard to teach yourself to code or to declutter your house when you’re surrounded day and night by antsy children and territorial pets. Even binge-watching TV is too emotionally demanding. You are so starved for peace and quiet that all you want to do is curl up with a book. These are some classic marketing books that are so timeless, their advice applies even after COVID-19 has upended our society and economy.

Marketing Books That Don’t Insult Your Intelligence

The best marketing books acknowledge that you are a professional, not a shiny product that wants to attract potential buyers through gimmicks. These books are not trying to sell you quick fixes about how to attract new clients, nor convince you that, if you are persuasive enough, the funds to engage your services will magically appear in your target audience’s pandemic-stricken bank accounts and they will jump at the chance to spend it on you. Rather, the purpose of these books is to make you think, which is about all you can do at a time like this.

· Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator by Ryan Holiday – After reading this book, about underhanded marketing tactics, it might be fun to look at your competitors’ websites and congratulate yourself on how honest and straightforward yours is.

· Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman – It’s really a book about behavioral economics. If you liked Freakonomics, this book will make the pandemic shutdown days go by more quickly. Best of all, it doesn’t make specific suggestions about marketing; it just gives you something to ponder.

· Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller – Lawyers are natural storytellers, thinking about marketing as a type of storytelling will not make you feel like you have to pretend to be someone you’re not in order to market your law firm effectively.

· Range by David Epstein – General knowledge makes you a great lawyer, and it can help you market your law firm successfully, too.

Writing for Legal Marketing Companies

If working from home for the foreseeable future has put you in the mood to read, it may or may not have put you in the mood to write. Even if you emerge from the COVID-19 shutdown with a clear idea of how you want to present your law firm clients to the world, the most efficient thing to do might to have professional content writers compose your blog posts. You can count on Law Blog Writers to create online content that fits your vision for your vision.


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