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Legal Content Writing to Attract Local Visitors

For decades, most high school seniors have taken a class about the U.S. government. In your government class, you probably learned about the difference between federal and state laws, and your teacher probably told you that most of the laws that affect your daily life are state laws. One noticeable example is how much the laws about cannabis differ from one state to another. Likewise, most states have adopted the Daubert standard, but a few states still follow the Frye standard. Do you live in an equitable distribution state or a community property state?

Even if your law firm’s blog is so interesting that it deserves to be nominated for a Webby award, its loyal readers will not turn into clients of your law firm unless they live in your state (or unless their accident or business dispute took place in your state, so that the laws of your state have jurisdiction in the matter). By making some minor changes to your SEO strategy, you can create legal blog content that, while it may be interesting to readers everywhere, will really stand out to prospective clients in your local area, by showing up at the top of the organic search results for users in your geographic area.

The World Wide Web Is Local

In some industries, it makes sense for local businesses to offer promotions online, especially in connection to events of local significance, but that strategy does not work for law firms. It doesn’t make sense to offer two for one divorce filings on the day after Valentine’s Day, even as local restaurants might be giving away half price decadent desserts to every lonely heart in town. Adding blog contact about local news items related to your practice area is always a good way to show Google that your law firm’s blog is about your city.

If you are a personal injury lawyer, you will find no shortage of news coverage about accidents of a similar nature to those in which your clients have been injured. If you are a divorce lawyer, celebrity divorce news attract local traffic, provided the celebrities in question divorced in your state. (New York and California are the obvious winners on this front, but any city that has a Real Housewives show has its share of Internet famous divorces, and Phil Collins has been involved in an epic legal battle with his ex-wife in Florida for years, even though Collins and his ex-wife are originally from England and Switzerland, respectively.)

If it’s a slow news day in your city, do not despair. It is still a good idea to write blog posts about topics of national interest; by being the first law firm in your city to blog about a certain national topic, you can rank higher than your competitors. If the top ten organic search results for a national topic (such as PPP loan forgiveness) include nine out-of-state websites and your law firm, your prospective clients will click on your site. Analytics tools can help you find out what everyone wants to read about but no one in your city has written about yet.

Law Blog Writers Provides Blog Content of Local Interest

There is no rule requiring lawyers to write their own blog content. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to create blog posts that everyone will want to read and prospective clients in your city will want to click on.


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