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Legal Content Marketing in the Time of Coronavirus

These days, almost everyone is worrying about how the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic will affect their lives? Will you have to think of a new childcare plan if your children’s school or daycare closes for a month or more? Will the current stock market dip lead to a global recession in which your law firm will slash your salary if it doesn’t lay you off completely? Will the world’s supply of Nutella run out, so that you will either have to pay exorbitant prices for it out of your already furlough-tight budget or else fight it out with your restless, quarantined kids for the last remaining drops of Nutella in your pantry? It is too soon to tell whether your state or city will be subject to public health measures that will disrupt the pace of your life, but since you are thinking about the future and imagining how you will cope with a disaster, it pays to think about how you might adapt your law firm’s content marketing strategy to the austere times that may lie ahead.

If You Are Stuck at Home and So Are Your Prospective Clients

To prevent the spread of the virus, businesses and even entire cities might advise workers to stay home. Therefore, you could be spending weeks at home with lots of time on your hands and a laptop computer on your lap. Of course, the best way to keep a sense of normalcy is to continue working on your current cases, emailing and video chatting with your clients and colleagues. If you need to take your mind off the four walls you have been stuck inside for weeks, it might help to do keyword research on terms related to your practice area. See what terms people are entering when looking for information about your practice area, and for additional nerdy fun, see how the most popular search terms have changed since before the new virus was discovered. Keyword research, of course, is an important early step in writing blog content. You can take the time you used to spend commuting and instead apply it to writing content for your law firm’s blog.

Lean Times

Perhaps the scariest effects of the novel coronavirus are the economic ones. It could have repercussions up to and including a global recession. That could mean that you would have to work extra hard to convince your employer not to lay you off. One way you can do that is by effectively marketing your law firm to new clients. An informative blog is a reliable way to attract Internet traffic to your law firm’s site and keep your law firm on the first page of Google search results. Your prospective clients’ financial worries could also make them seek out a lawyer. Maybe they can no longer afford their child support payments and want to modify their child support order. Maybe their financial worries have finally gotten bad enough that they are ready to seek damages for the financial losses they suffered because of their injuries. Write blog posts that offer hope to people whose financial situation could be helped by a lawyer in your practice area.

Contact Legal Content Writers

Even in lean times, professionally written blog content is a good investment. You can count on Law Blog Writers to compose readable, informative blog posts that will make readers feel empowered to take action instead of just worrying.


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