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Lawyers Use YouTube to Build Brand Love, Not Just Brand Awareness

Do you have a YouTube channel? Many lawyers would answer, “Why would I do that? I’m a lawyer! YouTube channels are for silly teenagers who have nothing better to do than film themselves playing video games or applying makeup!” Especially if you are a personal injury lawyer, family law attorney, small business attorney, or criminal defense lawyer, making a YouTube channel could be an effective form of law firm marketing; it can help you reach prospective clients that you would not be able to reach through billboards, television commercials, or your website.

Brand Awareness vs. Brand Love

According to Ed Herman, a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis and star of the popular YouTube series Ed Versus, it is not enough for lawyers just to build brand awareness; you also need to build brand loyalty. Building brand awareness is easy; almost anyone can name their city’s most visible personal injury law firm, the one that plasters its name in loud colors on billboards and on the sides of buses, alongside a picture of the lawyer with the million-dollar grin, proclaiming himself “the hammer,” “the bulldog,” or something similar. Brand awareness is important. 99 percent of the people who see the billboards and noisy TV commercials will never need your services, but when they search for a personal injury lawyer in your area, they will recognize the name of your law firm in the search results.

Brand awareness simply means making people notice that you exist. Brand love is something more; it is making people trust you and feel like they know you. According to Herman, lots of videos that lawyers make, whether they post them on YouTube or on social media feeds, are truly boring. Often, the video is little more than a talking head reciting a script that would be better as the “frequently asked questions” section of a law firm website. Unsurprisingly, very few people watch all the way to the end of these videos. Instead, says Herman, you should ham it up, like he does on his video series Ed Versus, in which he discusses various pop culture topics as they relate to personal injury law. You could even ham and cheese it up, like Ed does on the video series Three Lawyers with Sandwiches. The important thing is for viewers to get to know more about you and what you do as a lawyer, as well as how your work relates to them.

There Is More to Law Firm Marketing Than Video

Making videos to inform prospective clients about your practice area (not to advertise, no one wants to watch a video that is clearly an advertisement), clients really make the decision to contact you after they navigate to your website. It is important to update your blog frequently to boost your site’s SEO rankings and to post interesting content on it, to increase visitors’ time on your site.

Smile for the Camera and Leave the Writing to Law Blog Writers

To build brand love, you should appear in your own videos. Blog content, however, is best left to professional bloggers. Contact Law Blog Writers to get informative, original blog content that will keep readers interested after they watch your videos.


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