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Law Firm Email Newsletters Are an Effective Marketing Strategy, Not Annoying Spam

Your first response to the suggestion to incorporate email marketing into your law firm marketing strategy might be one of dismissiveness. After all, promotional emails are so numerous these days that some major email platforms automatically filter them out. If you don’t want to be reminded of the tempting foods that are two for one at your favorite restaurant or of that high-end clothing store where you once bought work clothes that you can no longer fit into, all you have to do is not click on the promotions tab of your email inbox. Do you really want to put effort into creating emails that people are going to ignore?

If this is your reaction, then take comfort in the fact that email marketing for law firms is very different from the gimmicky, spammy emails you get from businesses that are trying to get you to make a purchase today. In fact, you shouldn’t think of it as email marketing; instead, think of it as an email newsletter. Even better, if your law firm’s website already includes professionally written legal blog content, then you are more than halfway to delivering an effective email newsletter to current and future clients.

Anatomy of a Law Firm Email Newsletter

The good news about email marketing newsletters is how much they keep your target audience thinking about you, and the better news is how little effort it requires to send them. The recipients of your newsletter are people with whom you are already in contact by email, so the newsletter goes to their primary email inbox instead of getting diverted to the promotions folder. The following people are automatically part of your email list:

· Current and previous clients

· People who have filled out contact forms on your website

· Colleagues with whom you have previously exchanged emails

Your email newsletter isn’t going to convince these people that they need a lawyer, but that isn’t its purpose. It is to get them to engage with your site, share your content, and simply stay in contact. Once per month is the ideal timetable for sending your newsletter.

Creating and sending an email newsletter does not require a large chunk of your marketing budget. Once you subscribe to an email newsletter platform, the newsletter itself will not cost you anything. You can assign responsibility for it to your administrative staff or to your interns, if you have them. Using a template that comes with the email marketing platform is easy and does not add any cost. Best of all, you don’t even need to create content specifically from your newsletter. You can just share existing blog posts or videos that your law firm has made. The result is that people will view your newsletter as some much-needed “non-stressful stuff to read” when they open their email in the morning.

Blog Posts So Good You Will Want to Share Them in Your Email Newsletter

The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will create eminently shareable blog content for you to post on your law firm’s website and distribute in your email newsletter.


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