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In Praise of Interactive Content

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, we don’t miss rush hour traffic. We don’t miss our kids bringing stomach viruses home from school, and we don’t miss wearing uncomfortable shoes at work. But we do miss interaction. Binge watching your favorite TV shows and scrolling through endless pessimistic predictions on the Internet loses its appeal after a while. Believe it or not, you can put your law firm’s marketing budget toward legal marketing content that satisfies your audience’s craving for a human connection. In 2021, the best kind of legal marketing content is interacting marketing content.

Why Interactive Marketing Content Is So Effective

If you are old enough, you might remember reading those “choose your own adventure” books that prompted you to turn to certain pages depending on which decisions you wanted the protagonist to make. Those books were so much fun because the reader had an active role in determining the outcome of the story. This is precisely why interactive marketing content has so much appeal. No one likes to feel like you are talking at them, especially not if you are talking at them in order to get money out of them. These are some types of interactive content that can form a valuable part of your law firm’s content marketing strategy:

· Calculators and questionnaires – Let visitors to your site fill in their own numbers and responses to get them thinking about the questions they will discuss with you at a consultation. A calculator on your site that estimates the damages a prospective client might receive in a personal injury lawsuit or the child support the court will probably order him to pay will add value to your site and increase visitors’ time on page.

· Clickable quizzes – Even before the pandemic, quiz websites and apps were a popular pastime. They are a great way to educate your target audience about your practice area without talking at them. Quizzes are also eminently shareable.

· Live online events – Live online events are the most interactive of interactive marketing strategies. You get to show off your knowledge and also impress prospective clients with your responsiveness and approachability. Interacting with a human being, even if the interaction is virtual, is even more satisfying than interacting with computer code.

Just because you add interactive content to your marketing strategy, it does not mean that you should ditch the one-way communication entirely. Remember that your content marketing strategy is also trying to make a good impression on Google. Regularly updating your blog and linking your content to other sites are marketing strategies that never go out of style, even if they are not interactive.

Get Professionally Created Content That Is on Your Audience’s Wavelength

Adding interactive content to your site does not mean that you have to create all that content single-handedly. Instead, choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to produce custom written content, interactive and otherwise, that shows your target audience that you are listening to them.


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