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How to Start Strong with a New Blog for Your Law Firm

Adding a blog to your law firm’s website is a great marketing strategy. Regularly updating your site, such as by adding new posts to a blog, helps convince search engines that the information on your site is up-to-date, which helps your site’s SEO rankings. Meanwhile, posting informative content makes a good impression on readers of your site, making them more likely to choose you when they decide to hire a lawyer in your practice area.

Therefore, if you have decided to start out 2020 by making a blog for your law firm’s website, you have chosen an achievable and worthwhile New Year’s resolution. The simple fact of having a blog is enough to give you an SEO boost, but attracting human readers and convincing them to contact your law firm takes a little more work. Here are some ways to help your blog make a splash in its debut year.

Add Content Before You Go Live

It’s disappointing when you enter a search query into Google and then click on a result, only to find a page that says “coming soon” or “website under construction.” Just programming the right URLs and page headings might convince Google that your site is the real thing, but a content-free site is useless to readers. Upload at least one post to your blog before you make it visible to visitors.

Treat Your First Blog Entries as an FAQ Page

Readers will keep coming back to your blog if you answer questions relevant to them, so devote your first few blog posts to common questions about your practice area. For example, if you are a divorce lawyer in Florida, you might start with blog posts such “Florida laws about prenuptial agreements,” “how child support in Florida is calculated,” and “Florida uncontested divorce,” for example.

Post Links to Your Blog on Social Media

Having a social media presence is an effective content marketing strategy. Make brief posts on social media that link back to your blog, where readers can find more in-depth answers to their questions.

Embrace Controversy, Within Reason

Don’t be a troll, but the Internet is no place for the faint of heart. Design a portion of your blog posts to appeal to people who are looking for some good clickbait. For example, if you are a family law attorney, refer to news stories about gold-digging trophy wives and uncaring deadbeat dads; then follow up with useful advice. A reader might just be Googling to find confirmation that her ex-husband’s new girlfriend is, in fact, a b-word, but she might find your blog post about how parenting plans can limit children’s interactions with a parent’s partner. (After all, why say “b-word” when you can say “paramour”?)

Contact Legal Blog Writers

Starting a blog is a great New Year’s resolution, but hiring professional writers to write it is even better. You can count on Law Blog Writers to produce engaging blog content that helps your blog make a splash starting from its first entry.


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