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How to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Content

Now that the new year is here, and you have determined how big your marketing budget for 2021 will be, it is time to decide how to allocate your marketing budget. Which marketing activities can you do by yourself, which ones should be part of the job descriptions of your current employees, and which content should you have professionally made? In order to make a wise decision about this, you should measure the effectiveness of your law firm’s current marketing strategy.

There are well recognized key performance indicators (KPIs)for measuring the effectiveness of various formats of marketing content, and only some of these are applicable to law firms. If your marketing budget allows it, you can even have a law firm marketing expert assess your current legal marketing content and advise you about your new strategy.

Key Performance Indicators for Your Law Firm’s Blog

As ever fancier apps and social media platforms appear on the scene, blogs remain one of the most underrated marketing tools; they are especially important for law firms. A well-written blog can effectively present your brand identity, improve your SEO rankings, and bring in new clients. How can you tell how well your blog is doing these things, though? According to Mike Murray of Content Marketing Institute, these are some KPIS that show how well your law firm’s blog is achieving its goals:

· Number of visitors – The more people click on your blog, the better.

· Number of repeat visitors to your blog – If people reread your posts or return often to your site to look for new posts, you know you are doing something right.

· Time on page – If a visitor spends a certain amount of time on your site (about two minutes for a 500-word blog post), it is an indication that they have read the entire post, which indicates that the post is interesting and understandable.

· Geographic trends – It is not bad if people outside your geographic area read your blog; it means that you are a nationwide authority on your subject. What you really want, though, is for people in your city or county to visit your site and read your blog, because they are the ones who can become clients.

Key Performance Indicators for Email Marketing

Long form text is a more important factor in clients’ decisions to engage a law firm than in customers’ decision to make a purchasing decision in almost any other industry. Therefore, it is not surprising that blogs and email marketing are among the most important marketing strategies for law firms. KPIs for email marketing include the open rate, click through rate, and number of subscribers.

Law Blog Writers Helps You Create and Implement Your Content Marketing Strategy

If your current legal blog content is not performing well according to KPIs, you can count on Law Blog Writers to produce custom-written legal blog content that will attract visitors to your site and make them want to keep reading.


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