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How to Make Your Law Firm’s Holiday Cards an Effective Marketing Tool in This Most Unusual Year

As you sit at home, drafting work emails in your pancake batter-stained bathrobe, tears well in your daughter’s eyes as she attempts to solve long division problems without ever hanging seen her teacher solve one in person, and your son watches Peppa Pig and her friends play on a playground even though playgrounds haven’t been open since before he was old enough to slide down the slide by himself. You want to cheer your children up by daydreaming about the holidays, but all your kids want for Christmas is to do math in a classroom, fight with the other kids at daycare over the toy fire engine, or eat Chicken McNuggets inside a McDonald’s.

You feel the same way about 2020 as everyone else feels; you can’t wait for it to be over. Some people are even calling to cancel 2020. Of course, it is not possible to cancel 2020, but you can say goodbye to it in the most community-building way possible, such as by sending holiday cards. Sending holiday cards is not just for lonely old ladies; it can be an effective form of law firm marketing, as well.

Why Send Holiday Cards?

Sending a greeting card to the people on your contact list during the holiday season serves to remind the recipients of your existence and your brand identity. No one suddenly decides to hire a personal injury lawyer simply because a greeting card showed up in the mail earlier that day, but in the coming months, if someone they know tells them about a problem that a lawyer in your practice area could help them solve. Besides, if you make especially eye-catching law firm holiday cards, people might display them at home or at work, giving you free advertising whenever anyone visits the recipient of the card.

Print or Email?

You might think that physical holiday cards sent through postal mail are the default option, but things are not so simple during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is true that some people who use email for most correspondence delight in receiving a greeting card in the mailbox. The pandemic has sparked many people’s interest in old-school pleasures like gardening and homemade baked goods, and old-fashioned paper greeting cards certainly fit in with that ethos. On the other hand, if your contacts have listed their office addresses in your contact list, they might not receive the cards, so email might be a better option. Besides, sending holiday cards by email is much less expensive.

What About Greetings?

Some grinches grimace every time someone says “Merry Christmas.” Some grouches grumble whenever someone says “Happy Holidays.” You can sidestep this problem by not saying either. Just send your contacts your best wishes for 2021, and add personalized messages when possible.

Build Your Law Firm’s Brand Identity All Year Long

Holiday card season only happens once a year, but you should update your blog all year long. You can get high quality custom written legal blog content from Law Blog Writers.


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