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How to Make Holiday Season SEO Work for Your Law Firm’s Blog

The Internet has only amplified the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You might think that this does not matter to law firms, but it does. Just because you are not in the business of selling stocking stuffers, it doesn’t mean that you should not keep the holiday mindset of potential visitors to your law firm’s site in mind when choosing content for your blog. You can use the craziness that starts on Black Friday and ends sometime around Divorce Monday (the first business Monday in January, when divorce filings are at their highest in the whole year) to your advantage. Here are some ways to make holiday season SEO trends work for your blog.

Publish Seasonal Content Early and Often

Don’t wait until Black Friday to publish your blog post about the injuries and premises liability lawsuits that have resulted from Black Friday chaos. By 9:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving, your readers are already standing in line at the Black Friday Eve sales, looking for web content to help them pass the time until they reach the front of the line. The best time to publish Black Friday-related content is early November; likewise, you should start posting content about the New Year early in December. For example, you might post content about new laws related to your practice area that will go into effect at the beginning of the year. Updating your blog frequently is an important SEO strategy all year long, but especially during the holiday season.

Research Seasonal Keywords

Every post on your blog should contain the keywords that refer to what your law firm does. For example, if yours is a personal injury law firm, every post should contain the phrase “personal injury lawyer,” “personal injury lawsuit,” “car accident lawyer,” or similar somewhere in its text. It can only help your blog’s SEO rankings, though, if you also include seasonally trending keywords such as “New Year’s resolution,” “holiday stress,” “co-parenting during the holidays,” or “Black Friday” in the posts that you publish during the holiday season.

Year-End Retrospectives

No matter the practice area of your law firm, there are interesting “year in review” posts to be written about it. For example, you can review the news stories related to your practice area, such as the Top Ten Criminal Trials in [Your State] in 2019 or the Top Ten Product Liability Lawsuits of 2019. These posts will attract readers who just want something fun to read, as well as those who are in the market to hire a lawyer in your practice area. They also tend to be eminently shareable.

Contact Law Blog Writers

You are probably too busy taking your cases seriously to think about the holiday season or the Google searches related to it, but fear not. You can count on Law Blog Writers to write seasonal and evergreen blog posts to suit the interests and tastes of your target audience.


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