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How to Make Effective Videos for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a high return on investment because you are simply posting content you have already made and sharing it with an audience that would not necessarily be searching for your website on Google. You can even automate your social media posts through a Client relationship Management (CRM) software; one hour of planning which content you want to post where and when, and your social media marketing will run itself for months and bring numerous visitors to your site. Making even a few videos can give your legal content strategy a major boost.

Let Empathy Be Your Guide: Focus on Client Personas and Their Pain Points

Creating a client persona, a detailed character sketch of the kind of person who will most likely engage the services of your law firm, can help you with your marketing strategy in many ways. You imagine the character as the audience for all your published communications. For example, if you are a divorce law firm, perhaps your client persona is Nicole. She is 49, has two school-aged children, and never wanted to get divorced, but her husband left her for another woman. She doesn’t earn enough at her job to raise her kids without child support, and her husband hates being pressured to pay for anything.

Why not make a video about Nicole? Focus on her pain points (being unceremoniously dumped, financial worries, conflicts over money with her ex) and show, don’t tell, how she can solve her problems with the help of a lawyer. Better yet, let real clients tell their stories, if they are willing to do so.

By making character-driven videos, you are focusing on the human side of your practice area. Even better, by focusing on the pain points of your target audience, you are empathizing with them. As an added bonus, making a long list of all of your client persona’s pet peeves is even more fun than it sounds, and it makes for an interesting, relatable video. Maybe Nicole hates the diet industry, Tik Tok, and partisan politics as much as she hates the fact that her ex-husband broke up her family and disrupted her financial plans.

“Just the Facts” Videos Can be an Effective Marketing Strategy for Law Firms

Variety is the key to successful video marketing. Ideally, your website and social media accounts should contain videos of a variety of lengths. It is even better if you balance out longer, character-driven videos, with shorter ones that present information about a law, legal process, or legal issue in a concise or straightforward manner. “Just the facts” video can just be animated text and drawings with voiceover narration, which means that they are very inexpensive to produce.

Video Marketing Works Best as an Adjunct to Text Content

Videos alone don’t persuade a client to contact you. They usually make the decision only after reading your blog. Choose the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to produce informative blog content that will be the final step in clients’ decision to contact your law firm.


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