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Guest Legal Blog Posts Can Enhance Your Reputation

Updating your blog frequently is great; it lets search engines know that your website and the law firm attached to it are still active, and it provides useful and enjoyable content. The more content on your blog, the more readers who need to hire a lawyer will find valuable information about similar cases to theirs and the laws that relate to them. Only a frequently updated blog can achieve the coveted goal of gaining regular readers who come back every week knowing that they will find new posts. Plus, there is the added bonus that new visitors can binge read the archives.

Beyond a certain frequency, though, there are diminishing returns; two new posts per week is about the most you need, unless yours is a large law firm with many practice areas. If you have enough free time to write more than that or a big enough marketing budget to pay for more than that, your time or money is better spent on guest blog posts on other websites.

The Benefits of Guest Legal Blog Posts

When you write guest posts for another website’s blog, everyone wins. These are some ways that you and others can benefit from your guest blog posts on other sites.

· Your guest blog post on the other site will contain a link back to your site. This link will help the SEO rankings of your site and the one where your guest post is published. Link building is a classic SEO strategy that never goes out of style, and guest blog posts are one of the most innocent ways to build links.

· When you guest posts on sites that do not belong to law firms, you reach a new audience that may know less about the laws of your practice area than the people who search for law firm websites.

· You might be able to exchange posts with the owner of the other site. In exchange for your post on their site, they can write one for your blog, giving you a new blog post for which you do not have to write a single word.

Where Should You Publish Your Legal Blog Posts?

The most obvious place to publish your guest posts would be on other lawyers’ blogs, but it is even better to broaden your horizons to reach a wider readership. For example, if you are a family law attorney, you might contact a lifestyle blogger who writes about single parenting and pitch a post about how court-ordered parenting plans can help ease tensions with your ex-spouse and ex-in-laws during the holidays. If you are a criminal defense lawyer, you might propose a guest post about expunging criminal convictions from one’s record to websites that help people rebuild their lives after a prison sentence, such as a church that does prison ministry or an addiction recovery blog.

Hire Content Writers for Lawyers

You can count on Law Blog Writers to compose engaging guest blog posts that will increase clicks on your site and on the sites that publish your guest posts.


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