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Focus on Your Core Audience: Advice for Lawyer Bloggers

Websites that are accessible through Google searches and appear in the results of those searches have the whole world as their audience, at least in theory. For this reason, anyone who posts a video of themselves dancing to a catchy song can have an audience of billions; that person can become a superstar or else never live down their unfortunate decision to make a fool of themselves on the Internet. In practice, though, most websites will not be viewed by the entire audience of the World Wide Web; law firm websites certainly will not. Instead, you should focus your law blog content on the people who are most likely to benefit from it and most likely to contact you if they do.

Don’t Try to Be All Things to All People

Think about all the clients you have ever represented in your career as a lawyer, or even all the people who have ever contacted you for a consultation. What did the people who expressed interest in your services as a lawyer have in common? How did they see the world? What were their values, hopes, and fears? These are the features of your target audience, the people you should keep in mind when you write your blog. For all the people who have already contacted you about legal representation, there are more out there. You are a better judge of how they think than any analytics tools are.

Think about memorable clients you have met in the past. You should write blog posts aimed at the next Bob or the next Amy (or whatever your previous clients’ names were). This tactic liberates you from having to follow data-driven fads. You don’t have to write about what “everyone” is thinking about, whoever they are. Yes, everyone is worried about COVID-19 and its economic effects right now, but they can find information about it on millions of other websites. Your blog should give them information and perspectives that they cannot so easily find in other places.

Providing Valuable Blog Content for Your Core Audience

Don’t try to become a thought leader; be the leader that you already are. Remember that you have already helped numerous clients; they already value your opinion, and there are many more future clients out there who will value your opinion, too. Here are some ways to make your blog appeal to your core audience:

· Give your views on current events as they relate to your practice area

· Advise your clients on what they should do in situations that relate to your practice area even before they contact you (such as communicating with their former in-laws, if you are a divorce lawyer, or what to do in the first moments after a car accident, if you are a personal injury lawyer)

· Share content by writers that you admire and who have influenced your views, including your colleagues in other cities and your professors from law school, among others

Leave the Writing to the Blogging Experts

Perhaps an even better strategy is to identify the concerns of your target audience and then leave it to the legal content writers at Law Blog Writers to create engaging, shareable blog posts for them.


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