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Don’t Entrust Your Law Firm’s SEO to the Lowest Bidder

If you want to improve your law firm’s website to increase your visibility on Google searches, but your marketing budget is very limited, you have two options. You can devote a portion of your modest marketing budget to paying a content marketing firm for search engine optimization (SEO) services, or you can do it yourself by assigning the task of adding content to your website to employees of your law firm. With digital marketing, as with so many other aspects of business, the saying is true that you have to spend money to make money, although it does not cost a fortune to get high quality SEO services. It is worthwhile to invest in high quality legal blog content from a reputable content marketing firm instead of paying for bottom-of-the-barrel content from content mills or asking your overworked employees to devote their non-existent free time to learning content marketing for no additional pay.

Dirt Cheap SEO Is Reactive Instead of Proactive

When you ask a content mill or your own employee to produce blog content for your site for little or no pay, you are not thinking about the big picture. Yes, updating your site frequently with new content helps your SEO, but you should think about long-term strategy, not simply about writing something instead of nothing. Cheaply written content often resembles the final exam essay of a student who goofed off all semester and then attempted to study for the exam the night before. In other words, most of it is made-up fluff. Your own employee knows about your practice area, but her knowledge of SEO is limited to a Wikipedia article she read when you gave her the assignment. The content mill writers can plug your keywords into grammatically correct sentences that show Google that your website exists, but they provide little to no valuable information for readers.

Dirt Cheap SEO Is Superficial

If you pay for dirt cheap SEO content, you are paying for grammatically correct drivel with the requested number of keyword incidences. The writers know nothing about your law firm’s brand identity or overall market strategy. They have not researched your competitors to find out what makes you different from them.

Dirt Cheap SEO Might Even Be Shady

Inexpensive SEO providers sometimes resort to questionable tactics to make your site appear to perform well. For example, they might purchase links from third-party services, or they might give you content that has a big word count and includes all your keywords, but is repetitive and offers little value to prospective clients. If Google catches on to what they are doing, these shady tactics could even make your website less visible.

High Quality Content Is Worth the Investment

One informative, well-written blog post per month will attract more prospective clients to your site than daily updates full of thousands of words of the blog content equivalent of spam. The professional legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will deliver well-researched content that serves your law firm’s mission and marketing strategy.

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