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Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Law Firm Website’s Performance in 2020

The new year is almost here, and even if you are averse to New Year’s resolutions, it’s time to think about ways to get a better return on the money you spend marketing your law firm. Unsurprisingly, most law firm marketing takes place online, so most of your marketing strategies will involve digital marketing.

The digital marketing website 99 Designs has published a list of digital marketing trends to follow for 2020, and like most content related to marketing, only some of it is applicable to law firms. For example, shoppable posts are of no use to law firms; your profession is too complex to be practiced merely through clicks and the exchange of digital currency. The following are suggestions from the 99 Designs listicle that law firms would be wise to incorporate into their marketing strategy for the new year.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is not a new concept in brand marketing, but the sheer volume of data available about users’ behavior means that marketers can do it more effectively. In short, sentiment analysis means figuring out what your target audience thinks and cares about and validating those sentiments with your brand image. The ideal client profile, such as Becky the Christian radio listener, is an example of sentiment analysis. With an ideal client profile, you think about your prospective audience and create a fictional character who embodies their identifying qualities. You develop that character in detail and craft your blog content as though it is addressed to them.

Smaller Social Media Sites

When you try to reach a smaller audience, you can communicate with them in more detail. You can get a clearer idea of what they want and how they respond to your current marketing efforts. Don’t delete your Facebook or Twitter account if your law firm has one, but try out some smaller social networks, too, and see how much better you can communicate with your followers.


Google automatically extracts snippets from websites when it displays search results. Therefore, your SEO goal should not be just to get your site listed on the first page of search results; it should also be to have Google extract a snippet that will make readers want to click on the result and visit your site. As in the pre-snippet area, writing high quality content is the key to earning recognition from Google.


If you are good enough at public speaking to be a lawyer, you are good enough to make a vlog. You can use your vlog to inform viewers about the laws related to your practice area and also to give them a preview of the knowledgeable, approachable person they will meet if they have a consultation with you.

Hire Legal Content Writers

You can count on Law Blog Writers to sort through the hype and identify the digital marketing strategy that fits best with your law firm and its intended audience.


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