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Choosing Blog Post Topics

Even if you are at the very early stages of developing a marketing plan for your law firm, you are probably aware of a few of the basic principles of law firm marketing. You need a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition. For example, you are not the only family law firm in your city, but since you are a single dad yourself, you are especially dedicated to helping fathers get a fair deal with their parenting plans. Another truism is that, to stay at the top of the organic search results, you need a blog on your website, and you need to update it regularly.

The mere existence of a blog is enough to satisfy Google’s web page ranking bots, but it isn’t enough to turn visitors who click on your site into clients who engage your services. You need more than keywords on a blog to appeal to the real human beings who need your services enough that they search for law firms in your practice area. You need to identify your prospective clients’ pain points and post legal blog content that shows your target audience, usually without telling them directly, that your law firm is the answer to their problems.

What Are Pain Points?

The customer persona is an important concept in marketing; you create, in considerable detail, a fictional character who embodies the characteristics of your target audience, and then you write your marketing materials as if you are writing to him or her. The classic example is Becky, the soccer mom who is the target audience of the Contemporary Christian radio format. You give your customer persona a name, age, and gender that are widespread among your target audience. Then you identify the character’s likes, dislikes, and values. You also identify the persona’s pain points, in other words, the problems that he or she wants to solve or avoid. To continue the above example, Becky is a coupon-clipping mother of three with a modest family income, so her pain points are that she is loath to waste money. When making commercials for Christian radio, advertisers appeal to the fictional Becky and the millions of real listeners like her by saying or implying how much money they can save by buying the products being advertised.

What Are Your Clients’ Pain Points?

Pain points are as important in law firm marketing as they are in the marketing of everyday consumer goods like food and clothing. Each practice area has its own set of pain points:

· Personal injury law – Clients want a source of financial support now that they cannot work because of their injuries.

· Small business law – Clients want to save money on taxes and want to make sure they are getting a fair deal in contractual agreements.

· Family law – Clients want to stop their former spouses from impoverishing the client in a divorce. If they have minor children, they also want to maintain a strong relationship with their children.

· Criminal law – Clients want to stay out of prison and want to avoid the long-term disadvantages associated with having a criminal record.

Gain Prospective Clients’ Trust with Blog Content That Speaks to Their Needs

The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers will write original content based on your prospective clients’ pain points and ambitions.


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