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5 Lucrative Content Marketing Channels for Law Firms in 2021

Your marketing content rocks, but that will not help bring in new clients or retain existing ones if no one sees it. Creating awesome content and then distributing it in ways that only a few people will see it is a common marketing mistake that small and solo law firms make. Posting your content in the right place helps you get as much mileage as possible out of a limited marketing budget. Instead of increasing the amount of money you spend on professional legal content writing, you should keep your unimpeachable content and change the way you distribute it.

1 Videos on YouTube

According to Molly Ploe, video content is the gift that keeps on giving. If you make videos of yourself answering common questions about your practice area and post them to YouTube, people will continue clicking on them for years to come. You should also post them on your website. Ideally, you should make videos of different lengths. Someone who is thinking about getting a divorce will want to watch a two-minute introduction to how the divorce process in your state works, but someone who has already been discussing divorce with their spouse and has realized that they will need a lawyer will want to watch a ten-minute video about equitable distribution.

2 Live Video

Ploe says that businesses should consider YouTube and live video two different marketing channels. Hosting live video events is a great way to boost your credibility. Audiences can see firsthand that you respond knowledgeably and thoughtfully to their questions in the moment. Besides, during the pandemic, live video fills a need for human connection that live video doesn’t.

3 Email Marketing

Some businesses dismiss email marketing just because it isn’t know; there are some lawyers practicing law today whose parents announced their birth by sending a group email to coworkers. If you build your email list properly, though, email marketing can be a great way to engage your target audience. Besides, people who have recently read an email from you are more likely to refer new clients to you if someone they know asks them to recommend a lawyer.

4 Podcasts

Like email, podcasts are not especially glamorous, but they are informative. Podcast enthusiasts are a demographic that overlaps a lot with people who are in the market to hire a lawyer. Besides, if you hate how you look in pictures, no one has to see how you look on a podcast.

5 The Blog on Your Law Firm’s Website

Law firm blogs remain the most underrated content marketing channel. Having a regularly updated blog on your law firm’s website keeps your website at the top of the organic search results and helps visitors to your site make an informed decision about engaging your services.

It All Starts With Amazing Content

It is wise to devote your time to your current cases and to leave the marketing content creation to the professionals. Law Blog Writers employs legal content writers who compose blog content and other types of marketing content for law firms.


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