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Your Holiday Marketing Persona, According to Your Practice Area

In real life, wearing a costume to a work-related holiday party is embarrassing at best and can harm your career at worst. It may have been fun in the moment to refill your glass with eggnog while dressed as the Ghost of Jacob Marley, but it now pains you to look at the pictures. When marketing your law firm online, though, taking on a new persona for your holiday content is a wise move. You can appeal to what your prospective clients are thinking and feeling this holiday season. It is best to be subtle; don’t sign your posts “Jacob Marley, Esq.,” but do adopt his cautionary tone. The following are just a few popular characters from popular Christmas stories that can guide the proverbial sleigh of your content marketing strategy this season.

Name: Santa Claus

Practice Area: Estate Planning

Jolly old St. Nick is all about being generous to children or, more specifically, helping their parents be generous to them. As an estate planning lawyer, focus your holiday content on all the ways you can help your prospective clients be generous to their children and grandchildren, such as through trusts or the annual gift tax exclusion.

Name: Ebenezer Scrooge

Practice Area: Divorce, Child Custody, and Child Support

Recently divorced people often feel like the court is trying to take away everything they have, especially at the holidays. Present yourself as someone who will commiserate with their frustrations and then help them find a way to keep as much money and parenting time as possible for yourselves. Invite them to your office to say “Bah! Humbug!” about their lousy ex and about all the restrictions the court is placing on them; then gleefully count the things the court can’t take away from them.

Name: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Fewer things are scarier than facing criminal charges. Your goal is to use your bright and shiny nose (or, perhaps, your legal expertise) to help your clients find their way through a cold and confusing system. In your holiday content, be reassuring, and provide guidance one step at a time.

Name: Cindy Lou Who

Practice Area: Personal Injury

Many people who are researching personal injury law firms feel like they have lost everything. They suffer from chronic illnesses or permanent injuries, and their bills are piling up much faster than they can work to pay them off. All they have left is their strength of character. Your job is to encourage them to speak up and tell their story; this is the first step to regaining their financial wellbeing, like Cindy Lou who led her neighbors in song until they persuaded the Grinch to return the Christmas feast, presents, and decorations he had stolen.

Legal Content Writing

Whether you most closely resemble the Grinch, Buddy the Elf, or Ralphie from A Christmas Story, you have better things to do during the holidays than writing blog content. You can count on Law Blog Writers to blog posts that will keep your target audience clicking to ensure a prosperous holiday season.


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