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Who Should You Hire to Write Your Law Firm Web Content

After seven exhausting months of working from home as a lawyer while being a stay at home parent to your children as they deal with online school, you have reached the conclusion that there are only so many hours in a day. Therefore, you have made the wise decision to hire someone to write content for the blog on your law firm’s website, instead of doing it by yourself, on top of all the other things you are already doing.

Hiring a blog post writer is a much better solution than scrambling to do it yourself when you are already overscheduled, and it is a whole lot better, especially from an SEO perspective, than simply not posting new posts on your blog. Of course, choosing the right person to write blog content that appeals to your target audience and reflects your law firm’s brand identity is no simple task. The ideal hired writer to compose legal blog content for your site is someone with knowledge of your practice area and with commercial writing experience.

Four Types of Writers, and the Pros and Cons of Each

According to Chris Gillespie of Content Marketing Institute, hired writers tend to fall into three categories, based on their professional writing background. He also includes a fourth category of people who can hire, who are professionals in their field first and writers second. Gillespie identifies reasons for and against hiring writers from any of these groups to write your blog content:

· Journalists – They have learned to find and evaluate the credibility of facts on almost any subject, so their writing tends to be accurate. By journalistic standards, though, promotional content is not informative or accurate. Hiring a journalist to write your blog content could work if you want your blog to be purely informational instead of promotional. (Gillespie does not think journalists are a good choice for business blogs, but he is not writing specifically about law firms.)

· Copywriters – They have been trained to deliver content quickly, but their content tends to prize style over substance. Some inexpensive content from copywriting services amounts to little more than “colorless green Seattle DUI lawyers sleep furiously.”

· Novelists – Gillespie recommends against hiring novelists to write blog content; he uses the term “novelists” to refer to people who write in any genre of creative writing, including screenwriters and poets, among others. They are used to making an argument over the span of hundreds of pages, instead of 500 words.

· Subject Matter Experts – In the context of a law firm blog, subject matter experts are lawyers. They have professional knowledge of the subject matter of your blog, but they may or may not be skilled at writing concisely and in a way that is understandable to a non-specialist audience.

Law Blog Writers Offers the Best of Both Worlds

The legal content writers at Law Blog Writers are professional writers with extensive knowledge of a variety of practice areas in the legal profession, making them the best choice to write content for your law firm’s blog.


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